Generator of dry mist Nocomax
Control panel for generator of dry mist Nocomax
Generator of dry mist Nocomax
Control panel for generator of dry mist Nocomax


Disinfection of air and surfaces to treat rooms volumes from 500 to 20 000 m3
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2 years
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High-tech generator of dry fog Nocomax will be your reliable assistant in ensuring cleanliness and safety in the implementation of disinfection in medical and other premises. Designed by French experts, the device is for regular operation and heavy loads, characterized by high penetration and power.

How does a dry fog unit works? Everything is very simple - after loading a special liquid into the tank, with the help of a special technology a kind of tornado of particles is formed, which spreads around the perimeter. Including disinfection occurs in hard-to-reach places, which are cleaned with a conventional sprayer is problematic. Thanks to the generator, you can be sure of the cleanliness of ventilation and air conditioning systems, areas with large appliances, cracks and hidden cavities.

The undoubted advantage of the technology is the care of processing-disinfectant composition does not provoke damage to objects and coatings, does not leave wet stains and effectively destroys pathogenic microflora.

Who should buy a dry fog machine?

Among the variety of options, disinfection with dry fog is the most successful choice due to high efficiency, prolonged action and versatility. Having at your disposal the generator of the famous brand OxyPharm, you will have the opportunity to optimize the process of cleaning from harmful microorganisms various rooms and objects:

  •     hospital departments ranging from inpatient and outpatient to intensive care and mortuary;
  •     dental office;
  •     points of emergency medical care and specialized vehicles;
  •     blood transfusion station;
  •     sanatoria, dispensaries and children's camps;
  •     pharmacies and pharmaceutical production;
  •     physiotherapy rooms;
  •     laboratories, including forensic examination;
  •     veterinary clinic;
  •     production hall;
  •     warehouses, offices and public places;
  •     the cabin of the vehicle;
  •     hair salons, saunas and fitness centers;
  •     schools and kindergartens.

Distinctive features of dry mist generator for disinfection

Choosing the equipment for disinfection, buyers are interested in that it was functional, reliable, convenient and pleased with long service life, at the same time would cost a small amount of money. Nocomax fully meets these requirements, namely:

  •     it has a moderate weight and ergonomic design;
  •     it is characterized by high performance combined with moderate power consumption;
  •     quite easy to use;
  •     allows without reducing the efficiency of processing space volume from 500 to 20 thousand cubic meters (minimum ceiling height should be 4 meters);
  •     comes with a two-year warranty period.

Please note that the price of the dry fog generator may vary depending on the delivery distance and the specific performance. The type A model is characterized by the presence of a mobile liquid tank tray and an integrated touch screen, which can be used to adjust the parameters of the cleaned room. In devices of the type In there is also a touch panel for adjusting volume of work, however the pallet is firmly fixed and is not designed for pushing.

Buy dry fog generator at the best price

From the purity of the medical or dental office directly depends on the efficiency of doctors and the health of patients, so without specialized equipment for disinfection can not do. Turning to the company "ANAS medical", you can buy a dry fog generator cheap and with a certificate of quality. We provide comprehensive customer service, taking on the warranty and helping in the selection of all necessary devices and consumables, in particular, disinfectant fluid.

Already eighteen years we remain the best in the area, constantly expanding the range and cooperating only with those trademarks which deserved trust and recognition of world experts. Depending on the individual needs (scope of work, processing area, functional purpose of premises), you can order one or more units to combat pathogenic microflora, and we will make every effort to make your order was executed as soon as possible!

Room size/volume treatment:от 500 до 20000 m3

Max. power absorbed:

2000 VA

Turbine rotation speed:

20 000 rpm

Air flow speed:

80±5 m/sec

Mist particle size:

1-5 μm


20 l


49 kg

Dimensions (mm):

700х580х1000 mm


2 years


  • device Nocomax
  • instruction

The device is supplied with an empty reservoir for disinfecting liquid. Disinfectant liquid Nocolyse is not included in the set of supply and is purchased additionally in the user's required volume.

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