Units for aerosol disinfection nocospray
Nocospray units for aerosol disinfection
Nocospray units for aerosol disinfection
Units for aerosol disinfection nocospray
Nocospray units for aerosol disinfection
Nocospray units for aerosol disinfection

Unit for aerosol disinfection Nocospray

Disinfection of air and surfaces to treat rooms volumes from 10 to 1 000 m3
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2 years
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Equipment for aerosol disinfection of air and surfaces in rooms

Nocospray - a device for aerosol disinfection, creating a cloud of dry fog.

Nocospray is a device that provides the spraying of microparticles with disinfectant chlorine-free liquid. Nocolyse on the entire volume of the treated room.

  • for the qualitative disinfection of air, surface, premises, disinfection of vehicles;
  • replaceable disinfection cartridges;
  • regulator for setting the volume of the treated room in the range from 0 to 500 m3;
  • automatic start of spraying the reagent 15 seconds after pressing the "start" button;
  • automatic stop;
  • ergonomics of the device.

Allows you to activate the liquid by spraying it under the influence of a powerful Venturi effect. In this case, the room is saturated with extremely small aerosol particles, not exceeding 5 microns. The fine particle size ensures not only very slow and uniform deposition on every square centimeter of the treated surface without causing its wetting and corrosion, but also, at the same time, enhances the chemical activity of the sprayed liquid.

Working with equipment for disinfection "Nocospray" is simple and convenient. For effective disinfection of air and surface in rooms it is necessary:

  • define the volume of the room to be processed and set it using the volume task controller
  • insert a cartridge with a disinfectant fluid Nocolyse into a Nocospray
  • switch on the device by pressing the "Start" button

The goal of OXY'PHARM is to reduce the dose of pathogenic microbes to a minimum so that a person can be in any potentially dangerous premises with a MINIMUM RISK OF INFECTION.

Aerosol disinfection of premises, air, surface

The equipment is perfectly suited for disinfection of any type of premises, including disinfection of     automobile transport. The greatest efficiency is achieved with fractional disinfection, after seven-fold treatment, with an interval of twenty-four hours. The hydroxidines contained in the aerosol of the disinfectant "Nocolyse" displace free chlorine from the chlorides of the bacterial membrane, which penetrates the cytoplasm of microorganisms and leads to their autolysis. Silver ions significantly accelerate the action of the reagent, while there is no effect of resistance in pathogenic microorganisms. Such unique action of the Nocospray disinfection equipment allows using a very small dosage - 1 ml of reagent per 1 m3 of treated volume when microorganisms are destroyed.

The use of Nocospray disinfection equipment is effective and safe for both personnel and expensive equipment. Operation with the device is simple, pleasant and convenient. In dental clinics, considerable funds are spent for the purchase of disinfectants and detergents, containers for their storage, special clothing and protective equipment. Periodic repair of sewer pipes is required, which become unfit for use as a result of draining of the used aggressive solutions. There is a risk of improper preparation of disinfecting solutions, therefore a large number of special preparations are used to check their concentration. And it takes a lot of time. All these inconveniences are absent when working with the device «Nocospray».

Last years, the issue of disinfection of air conditioners and ventilation systems, which are present in almost every dental office, is acute. If the air conditioner has been working for more than 2 years, its disinfection is necessary. The air taken from the outside is cleared of impurities and saturated with microorganisms that are located inside the filters, often pathogenic for humans. "Nocospray" allows to disinfect the air conditioners, while not causing corrosion of key metal parts.

Thus, Nocospray is a multifunctional equipment for disinfection of a new generation with unique capabilities. Perfectly suitable for fast and effective disinfection of air, surfaces and hard-to-reach places in medical institutions, especially during seasonal immunosuppression, when the risk of cross infection is high.

The effectiveness of aerosol disinfection

  1. Destruction of microorganisms by 99.9%
  2. Non-toxic. The complete disintegration of the activated liquid after 10 minutes of treatment (Note that the disinfection of the room should be carried out in the absence of a person). This is also a very relevant problem of disinfectology. After the drying of the traditional liquid, each liter of air in the room contains billions of molecules of a naturally evaporating active substance. In the process of breathing, as well as through the skin and mucous membranes, these molecules enter the human body (patients, personnel) and each of them continues to perform its main function - suppression of cell activity, but only in the human body. The chemical stability of disinfectants creates the prerequisites for their accumulation in the body with subsequent migration through food chains. When using as a Nocospray disinfectant, this problem is absent. The disinfectant "Nocolyse" consists of water and hydrogen peroxide, after spraying in a special way with the help of a disinfectant, hydroxydiones (OH-) are formed, which interact with the shell of microorganisms. Unreacted hydroxydiones decompose into the air constituents that we breathe, and in no way aggressively affect humans.
  3. Absence of resistance to this type of disinfectant. As a rule, the community of microorganisms immediately appears on the dried up and lost microbiological activity of organic matter, which has recently been active, uses it as a nutrient medium, simultaneously developing resistance to this type of disinfectant. The desiccant "Nocolyse" completely decomposes to air components 10 minutes after room treatment. Thus, Nocospray can and should be used for years and decades, being sure that with respect to it microorganisms can not develop resistance.
  4. Does not cause corrosion of the equipment. You can process a room with expensive equipment (LCD screens of computers and televisions) without damaging it.
  5. Disinfection of hard-to-reach places. Dezzhidkost sprayed throughout the volume of the treated room, penetrating the most difficult corners.

  6. Stable disinfectant solution, ready for use, with a long shelf life. Eliminates errors in the preparation of disinfectants and additional waste of staff time.

Operating principle

The principle of operation is based on using a combination of "apparatus-means": Nocospray-Nocolyse.

In accordance with the theory of Coulberson (Swedish microbiologist), the risk of infection is based on three parameters:

  1. Presence of a pathogenic microbe (invisible).
  2. Individual immune resistance (different for all).
  3. The dose of infection (varies from one microbe to another, depending on its toxicity, but in any case sufficient to defeat the immune defense).

Set for quality checking

  1. Nocotest strips are white strips that are dyed blue in the presence of Nocotest. They need to be moistened beforehand and placed in the room where the treatment is carried out. Staining the strips in blue indicates a uniform distribution of the drug "Nocolyse" on each square centimeter. The strip "Nocotest" is indelible and can be stored in the archive as evidence of disinfection, indicating the date.
  2. Contact cups "Nocobox" - cups for the cultivation of microorganisms with a universal nutrient medium agar-agar. Designed to detect the presence of microorganisms on the surface. The results are ready for 48 hours at room temperature. Counting colonies is not difficult. The kit for quality control is equipped with instructions.

Application Nocospray

  1. Operational, preoperative, resuscitation chambers, burn wards, rooms for immunosuppressed patients, treatment rooms, dressings - regular use of the device will reduce the load on the weakened immune system of the patient and the risk of cross-diseases due to a wide antimicrobial spectrum of action. Disinfection of household items used by patients and wards where they were, will minimize the risk of transmission of this pathogen.
  2. Substations of first aid - a very large patency of patients with diseases of various etiologies - the source of all kinds of infections. Processing with the Nocospray apparatus of the reception rooms will preserve the health of the physicians and patients. For many hospitals and treatment centers, the problem of cross-over and superinfection is urgent.
  3. Pharmacy halls (especially during outbreaks) and in pharmacies for the manufacture of sterile forms.
  4. Dental and endoscopic rooms.
  5. Dispensaries.
  6. Prisons.
  7. Maternity hospitals: maternity facilities, boxes for premature infants, wards for confinement, reception rooms.
  8. Kindergartens and schools. Simplicity of use will allow to process rooms in kindergartens and classes in schools even after nightly shifts.
  9. Office institutions and reception officials in the period of epidemics.
  10. Processing barns, pigsties, chicken coops, and other places of livestock and poultry where there is a possibility of infection.
  11. Storage and transportation of vegetables and fruits with minimal losses is also relevant for agriculture.
  12. Storage and transportation of meat and dairy products. Transport processing with the Nocospray for transporting meat and dairy products, as well as freezing chambers in which these products are stored, will minimize losses during transportation and storage of products.
  13. Processing of public transport: buses, trams, trolley, underground and rail transport, as well as aircraft. The use of Nocospray is necessary where there is a large cross-country ability of people and the risk of cross-infection is high.
  14. Restaurants and food blocks.
  15. Fitness centers and gyms.
  16. Hotels. To achieve a permanent effect, it is advisable to process a room and a hotel fund with Nocospray after daily cleaning.
  17. Disinfection of underground stations and subway tunnels.
  18. In recent years, the issue of disinfection of air conditioners and ventilation systems is acute.
  19. Baths and saunas.

«Nocospray» and bronchial asthma 

Bronchial asthma is one of the most common childhood diseases. Epidemiological studies in recent years show that 5 to 10% of children suffer from this disease, and this indicator increases every year. A serious concern is also the increase in deaths from bronchial asthma and the number of hospitalizations in pediatric institutions. It is now well known that the onset of bronchial asthma in most children is associated with exposure to various allergens, among which home dust is the most common. About 70% of children with bronchial asthma are sensitive to house dust. Home dust is a complex mixture containing fibers of cotton, cellulose, animal wool, mold spores. The main component of home dust are tmites invisible to the naked eye. Favorite food of house mites are scales that slough off from human skin and gather in mattresses, carpets and upholstered furniture. They can also be in drapery, bedding, soft toys, under the skirting boards. A serious cause of development of bronchial asthma can be mold spores contained in air, conditioners, as well as in damp dark rooms (cellars, garages, bathrooms, showers). Therefore, as a preventive measure, in addition to wet cleaning, disinfecting treatment of the room is necessary to maximize the removal of dust from the air and mites.

Room size/volume treatment:10 - 1000 m3

Max. power absorbed:

1000 VA

Turbine rotation speed:

22,000 rpm

Air flow speed:

80 m/sec

Mist particle size:

1-5 μm


1 l


6.5 kg

Dimensions (mm):

500х350х300 mm


2 years

  • device Nocospray
  • vial with disinfectant liquid Nocolysis - 1 l
  • power cable
  • instruction

Equipment set can contain Nocolyse disinfecting liquid, also additional accessories.

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