Delivery in Moscow and Moscow region

We delivers around the Moscow on weekdays from 9:00-18:00 to agreed with manager. The possibility of delivery is discussed additionally and depends on the amount of the order. Delivery time from one working day. We don't deliver orders outside the Moscow Ring Road,  - it is possible pickup.

Delivery in Russia is carried out by transport companies

We will deliver your order yourself from our warehouse to the Moscow warehouse of the transport company, which you will choose at your discretion. 

You pay for the services of the transport company for the delivery of the order from Moscow to your location by yourself according to the tariffs of the TC upon receipt of the goods.

Dear customers! The goods are sent to the regions only after 100% prepayment.

To get invoice the payer must send us passport data persons or requisites of jur. faces. And also choose and inform the name of the transport company that will deliver the order from Moscow to your city.

The invoice for payment will indicate the cost of the goods you have chosen + the cost of delivery to the office of transport company in Moscow (if it is exist). The term of shipment from our warehouse is also indicated in the invoice for payment.

The price of delivery services is calculated using calculators on the websites of transport companies. Our partners in the delivery to the regions:

  1. Transport company "Dellin",
  2. Transport company "ZhelDorExpedition",
  3. Transport company "Major-Express",