System of dental implants Way from the Italian company GEASS

Italian company Geass that works in oral surgery and implantology since 1985, has created a prosthetic implant line — WAY, and a large series of different drills and tools for implantation, which are used for carrying out surgical operations and manipulations for the installation of the implant. The series of components for prosthetic companies Geass contributes to the quality of implantologie.

Our philosophy

Geass is the Italian company which has been focusing on quality and innovation for thirty years, to transform dental implantology into smiles.

Research and Development activity, collaboration with important universities, relations with professionals from the sector and the excellence of the Geass manufacturing plant all optimize the marriage between industry and science, guaranteeing innovative, reliable and safe solutions.

Excellence that Geass exports over the Italian borders: the company sells in over 10 Countries in the world and has two branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Geass does not just limit its offer to the dental industry, it also includes a range of produces to particular and complete tailor-made services:  from digital dentistry to didactic paths and multidisciplinary ones for professional refreshing for dentists and dental technicians, from the management of the dental practice, to improve efficiency and effectiveness, through to marketing and communication to retain and gain patients.