Aerosol disinfection of premises with dry fog

Aerosol disinfection methods  are recognized as the most effective and positive. The French company OXY'PHARM offers devices that spray microparticles of disinfectant chlorine-free liquid "Nocolyse" throughout the volume of the treated room. The devices are designed for high-quality disinfection of air, surfaces, premises, disinfection of vehicles.

Destruction of microorganisms by 99.9%.

  • Completely non-toxic. Total disintegration of the activated liquid after 10 minutes from the end of treatment
  • Dezzhidkost are sprayed throughout the volume of the treated room, penetrating the most difficult corners.
  • 1 ml of reagent per 1 m3 of treated volume
  • There is no resistance effect in pathogenic microorganisms
  • The fine particle size ensures very slow and uniform deposition on every square centimeter of the treated surface
  • Dry fog does not wet the surface and does not cause corrosion