Nocolyse 1l

Disinfectant liquid used in conjunction with the Nocospray
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Disinfectant for aerosol generator

Disinfectant Nocolyse in bottles of 1 liter. It is used in conjunction with Nocospray for aerosol disinfection.

The main active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide (6%). Additional components: silver ions, activators and catalysts.

It is intended for disinfection of air and surfaces in premises. It is used for preventive disinfection, with current and general cleaning as a means of final disinfection. It does not require the removal of residual connections after the processing is completed.

The nominal flow rate is from 50 ml per room (depends on the actual volume of the room and the treatment mode). One bottle is enough for 10-20 treatments (determined by the volume of the room). It is used in medical organizations, sports and beauty industry enterprises, at industrial facilities with special requirements for disinfection.

Composition: 6% hydrogen census, colloidal silver, nonionic surfactant, ultrapure water, active ingredient, catalyst, auxiliary substance, solvent
Volume:1 liter
Capacity:polyethylene bottle

Shelf life:

2 years

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