Nocolyse 20l

Disinfectant liquid used in conjunction with   Nocomax 
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Disinfectant for aerosol spraying

Disinfectant developed for aerosol spray using Nocospray technology. Designed for finishing the premises. Disinfects both surfaces and air indoors. Regular use makes it possible to destroy biofilms, which serve as a source of accumulation and spread of infections of various etiologies.

Composition: hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, special additives, activating active substance.

Transparent liquid with the smell of peroxide. The special formulation and quality of the ingredients make it possible to reduce the costs of the ready-made mortar 10-100 times compared to traditional methods of wiping and irrigation. It does not require flushing and removal of residual components.

Made for use with Nocomax.

Composition: 6% hydrogen census, colloidal silver, nonionic surfactant, ultrapure water, active ingredient, catalyst, auxiliary substance, solvent
Volume:20 liters
Capacity:polyethylene bottle
Shelf life:2 years

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