Dry fog generator Nocomax

Disinfection of air and surfaces to treat rooms volumes from 500 to 20 000 m3
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2 years
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Disinfection by Dry fog

The technology "dry fog" is the absence of the effect of wetting and aggressiveness of the active substance in relation to the surfaces.

Nocomax is designed for the disinfection of rooms ranging from 500 to 20,000 m3 with a minimum ceiling height 4 meters. The device provides dispersion of microparticles of the disinfecting liquid in the form of a tornado and creates the effect of "dry fog" on the entire volume of the treated room. A powerful flow of particles of the disinfectant liquid at the outlet of the nozzle of the apparatus forms vortices that capture the entire internal volume of the room.

Due to this, penetration of particles of disinfecting liquid into hard-to-reach places is provided (hidden surfaces, cavities, cracks, internal volumes of objects, equipment, air conditioners and ventilation systems). The room is saturated with aerosol microparticles, which are in chaotic motion and interact with both microorganism cells and biofilms on the surfaces of objects in the room.

Aplication of disinfection by dry fog

  • Medical centers - hospitals, polyclinics, emergency stations, perinatal centers, hospitals, sanatoriums, etc.
  • Laboratories, research centers, veterinary centers
  • Health industry: fitness clubs, saunas, hairdressers, etc.
  • Educational and children's institutions
  • Production, incl. pharmaceutical, food
  • Public and freight transport
  • Office, storage facilities

The Nocomax is available in two types *:

Type 1 - code 3100.000 - the device has a touch screen for setting the required volume of the room and a retractable tank pan.

Type 2 - code 3100.100 - the device has a touch-sensitive control panel for setting the required volume of the room and a tank pan rigidly fixed in the device.

* The type of execution is indicated in the marking on the body of the device with the corresponding REF code

Registration certificate for a medical device RZN 2016/3916 from 01/04/2016.

    Room size/volume treatment:от 500 до 20000 m3

    Max. power absorbed:

    2000 VA

    Turbine rotation speed:

    20 000 rpm

    Air flow speed:

    80±5 m/sec

    Mist particle size:

    1-5 μm


    20 l


    49 kg

    Dimensions (mm):

    700х580х1000 mm


    2 years


    • device Nocomax
    • instruction

    The device is supplied with an empty reservoir for disinfecting liquid. Disinfectant liquid Nocolyse is not included in the set of supply and is purchased additionally in the user's required volume.

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