УЗИ сканер Mindray DC-70S


Ultrasound scanner Mindray DC-70S

It is the junior limited version of the DC-70 model. With similar functionality and a set of options, the ultrasound diagnostic system is distinguished by a smaller monitor diagonal, a monitor that is not adjustable in height, and a smaller number of available sensors. At the same time, the optimal balance of advanced technologies that ensure the quality of imaging, as well as ease of use, together with the DC-70S, can significantly increase the efficiency of everyday clinical work. The quality of visualization and operation in conducting an examination is what distinguishes the DC-70S system from others. With the right balance of advanced imaging technology and ease of use, the DC-70S can greatly enhance your daily clinical workflow. Sensors with high-performance performance, manufactured by Mindray's unique technologies such as 3T technology and echo-enhanced beamforming technology, combined with Echo Boost adaptive imaging technologies, 2nd generation HR Flow and user-friendly technologies, make the DC 70S a reliable operating system. horse in solving problems that you may encounter when scanning in a stressful situation.

System features

Ultrasound scanner Mindray DC-70S is the junior limited version of the DC-70 model. With similar functionality and a set of options, the ultrasound diagnostic system differs:

  • smaller diagonal monitor, 17 instead of 19 inches;
  • height-adjustable monitor;
  • fewer compatible sensors.
  • 3T TM sensor technology

Triple structure of the matching layer

  • Fully separated crystal technology
  • Temperature control
  • Echo Augmented Beamforming Technology

Allows the traditionally ignored echoes of adjacent beams to be used to form a single, stronger, thinner beam that provides better out-of-focus spatial resolution and deeper beam penetration.

Areas of use

  • obstetrics and gynecology

Today's medical centers require ultrasound systems that provide specialized examination methods combined with ease of use, flexibility and reliability, offering a complete range of solutions for routine obstetric and gynecological examinations. Equipped with features such as iLive, SmartOB, SmartNT and iPage, the DC-70S will give you timely access to the quality ultrasound that is so important in women's health.

  • iLive TM Get an amazingly realistic view of the fetus

By integrating a traditional beam-tracking algorithm with a new virtual lighting mode, iLive technology creates an astoundingly realistic fetal image through interactive shadowing, skin light scattering, and visual reproduction of human skin.

  • Smart OB™

Increase your work efficiency Accurate automatic measurements of the most frequently examined parameters, including BPR / LZR / DBC / OG / OC, in just one click.

  • Radiology

When scanning, you always need high quality imaging, no matter where you are. With a unique interface and dedicated solutions such as Natural Touch Elastography and 2nd Generation HR Flow, the DC-70 will allow you to scan with ease, whether you are imaging the smallest kidney vessels or imaging a multi-velocity composite flow.

  • HR Flow TM 2nd generation

High-resolution mapping provides exceptional spatial resolution of blood flow and accurate mapping within vessel walls.

  • Elastography Natural Touch

Mindray's patented Natural Touch Elastography technology delivers results that are less dependent on the user's examination skills, thereby improving diagnostic accuracy in the most challenging clinical settings.

  • Greater sensitivity to tissue elasticity characteristics.

Good indicators of stability and repeatability.
In addition to standard imaging tools for cardiology, the DC-70S also provides advanced clinical features such as Tissue Doppler with Quantitative Analysis, Strain/Strain Rate mode, and Stress Echocardiography for highly specialized clinical applications.

  • Echo Boost™

A unique adaptive processing technology with intelligent echo detection system, Echo Boost is specially developed by Mindray for cardiac applications. Using the original raw ultrasound data, it amplifies weak wall echoes and at the same time suppresses interference in the cardiac cavity. This improves image brightness balance and visualization of the myocardial border.

  • TDI and Quantification with Strain/Strain Rate Estimation

The DC-70S Tissue Doppler function allows you to quantify local and global myocardial contractility,

  • Producer - Mindray
  • Device class - expert
  • Diagonal of the main monitor, inches - 17
  • Main monitor type - LED
  • Control screen - 10.4, touch
  • Housing type - stationary
  • Number of ports for sensors - 4
  • Number of compatible sensors - 32
  • Number of USB ports - 5
  • DICOM support yes
  • Hard disk, GB - 500
  • Battery - yes
  • Weight, kg - 85
  • Dimensions, cm - 51 (width) * 89 (depth) * 119-1680 (height)


  • C5-2E Convex probe, 1.3 - 6.0 MHz, radius of curvature 51 mm;
  • L12-3E High density linear probe, 3.0 - 13.5 MHz, 38 mm aperture, 192 elements;
  • V11-3E Microconvex intracavitary probe, 2.6 - 12.8 MHz, rad. curvature 11 mm;
  • P4-2E Sector phased sensor 1.3 - 5.4 MHz;
  • CW CW block

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