Узи сканер Mindray Consona N9

Mindray Consona N9

The new Mindray Consona N9 imaging system is a suite of end-to-end solutions for a variety of clinical scenarios ranging from gynecology to vascular research and cardiology. Innovative developments allow maximum automation and standardization of the process: area capture and image optimization, analysis and quantification of characteristics. At the heart of the Mindray sonography system are patented developments - the ZST + platform, Zone Sonography, a set of intelligent tools, options, an optimized structure, which allows you to effectively and easily use it in the hospital and beyond. The Consona N9 ultrasonic device works from the built-in accumulator that does it independent of an electric current source. The low level of working noise increases comfort for the doctor and the patient. Single-chip transducers provide deeper insights Combo Wave transducers increase image sensitivity Designed for easy gripping Wide coverage of clinical applications, support more clinical scenarios. The ZST+ platform is an extraordinary innovation representing the evolution of ultrasound. Converting ultrasonic performance from conventional beamforming to channel-based processing. It delivers exceptional image quality for endless imaging solutions with continuous improvements. The Consona N series is designed for quick diagnostic information and advanced features. Sharing a landmark ultrasound solution with key people around the world.



  • 23.8" high resolution frameless LED monitor;
  • 15.6-inch high-sensitivity anti-glare color touch screen;
  • Panel with protection against water and dust;
  • Ease of transportation;
  • Quiet noise;
  • Rotary control panel;
  • Easily disassembled from the system for cleaning;
  • Temperature with 4 levels: off/34°C/37°C/40°C, ±1°C deviation;
  • Light indicator for temperature protection;
  • Size: 82(L)*78(W)*119(H)mm;
  • Weight: approx. 240 g (net);
  • Continuous working time:> 12 hours.

Areas of use


  • Urology;
  • The organs of the small pelvis;
  • Cardiology and blood vessels;
  • Gynecology and obstetrics;
  • The organs of the abdominal cavity.

Specialized applications allow you to achieve the highest accuracy and clarity in the display, analysis and evaluation of images for different clinical cases. A convenient arrangement of elements speeds up and simplifies the use of an ultrasound scanner.

  • Temperature with 4 levels: off/34°C/37°C/40°C, ±1°C deviation;
  • Light indicator for temperature protection;
  • Size: 82(L)*78(W)*119(H)mm;
  • Weight: approx. 240 g (net);
  • Continuous working time:> 12 hours.

Technologies and tools Mindray Consona N9


  • Zone Sonography platform. The advantage of the technology is in the ultra-fast construction of a clear image, regardless of the depth of the study area.
  • ZST+ platform. The technology transforms ultrasound to create images with high temporal and spatial resolution.
  • Ultrasonic sensors for Mindray Consona N9. The system works with a wide range of ultrasonic transducers for different types of examinations, including linear, convex and single crystal. The sensors feature a comfortable structure, suitable for the human palm, and low weight, which makes the doctor's work easier and more convenient.
  • iTouch+. Image optimization in real time.
  • Smart H.R.I. Protocol for automatic determination of the liver and kidney cortex and calculation of the brightness coefficient for the assessment of hepatic steatosis.
  • Smart Bladder. Automatic determination of diameters and calculation of bladder volume.
  • smart hip. Automatic measurement of the hip joint in pediatrics and neonatology.
  • Auto EF. Automatic: a) determination of the planes of the heart and the boundaries of the myocardium; b) recognition of systolic and diastolic images; c) measurement of EDV (EDV), ESV (KSO), EF (EF).
  • TTQA. Analysis of the movement of the wall of the myocardium of the left ventricle.
  • RIMT. Automatic real-time CMM thickness measurement with high accuracy and quantitative analysis.
  • R-VQS. Automatic detection and evaluation of arterial wall deformation during pulsation.
  • Smart B line. Automatic calculation of the number of B-lines, percentage and distance for a comprehensive assessment of the lungs.
  • Smart Scene 3D. Diagnosis antenatal, postpartum and childbirth: 3D scanning with automatic tissue characterization: from image optimization to planes and quantification.
  • Smart Calc. Automatic tracking, measurement and calculation.
  • Smart Breast. Intelligent and standardized breast scan with Bi-RADs analysis; automatic lesion detection, measurement, annotation, analysis and reporting.
  • Smart Thyroid. Intelligent and standardized assessment of thyroid nodules.
  • iScanHelper. Study guide with text and images.
  • iWorks. Standardized protocols for operational research with a minimum of touch.
  • smart vue. Automatic incision detection makes it possible to study clinical segments.

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