УЗИ аппарат Mindray Resona I9


Ultrasound machine Mindray Resona I9

An expert scanner in the line of Mindray manufacturer. The ultrasonic device supports all modern imaging technologies and calculation protocols for fast and accurate diagnostics in various fields of medicine.
Resona I9 are comprehensive clinical solutions for various areas and scenarios, developed on the basis of many years of research and medical practice. High quality visualization, convenience and ease of management and integration into the overall system of the hospital, practical and ergonomic placement of the system elements and the possibility of its use both in healthcare facilities, at the patient’s bedside, and on the road due to its small size and mobility, low noise - all this distinguishes Resona I9 Mindray from among analogues.

Innovative technologies and features of Resona I9

  • ZST+ platform. The basis for high-quality and detailed tissue imaging is the unique ZST+ platform, which provides processing of ultrasonic data in high resolution.
  • iCompare. Intelligent iCompare function allows you to compare images of different types of examinations in real time without using a workstation: CT/MRI, mammography/X-ray/ultrasound.
  • The latest method for studying vascular hemodynamics V-Flow. Resona I9 provides the ability to color vector assessment of vascular hemodynamics at any point, including the direction and speed of blood flow. V-Flow features ultra-high frame rates for clear, angle-independent, comprehensive blood flow assessment and analysis.
  • Diagnosis of focal lesions using UWN+ contrasts. A feature of Resona I9 is ​​the high sensitivity of the UWN + function to low-amplitude signals and a longer persistence time of the contrast agent. The method can use both non-linear fundamental signals and the second harmonic.
  • Innovative HiFR STE stiffness rating. Resona I9 delivers 10x faster frame rate in STE mode and greater sensitivity in motion detection.
  • Easy and fast assessment of hepatic steatosis Smart HRI. Recognition of organs, calculation of the brightness coefficient of the kidneys and liver occur automatically. The method provides more accurate data than traditional methods for assessing steatosis.
  • Diagnosis of breast diseases Smart Breast. Resona I9 allows for intelligent breast analysis according to the BI-RADS scale, including fully automatic detection, measurement, annotation, lesion analysis, and reporting. The protocol is lesion-focused, which enhances quality control. Multiple lesions can be examined in several planes to obtain more complete data.
  • Assessment of the status of thyroid nodules Smart Thyroid. The method of intelligent and standardized assessment of thyroid nodules, implemented in Resona I9 from Mindray, is an automatic analysis of scanned areas in several planes according to the TI-RADS scale, which makes it possible to more accurately classify the nodes. Convenience of work is provided by process optimization.
  • Non-Doppler assessment of myocardial motion TT QA. Resona I9 is ​​able to track and analyze myocardial movement, finding 2D speckle patterns, regardless of angle.
  • Precise analysis of vessel wall stiffness R-VQS. The function is especially useful in the early diagnosis of arterial atherosclerosis, as it guarantees an accurate analysis of the vessel stiffness coefficient and pulse wave velocity.


  • SC6-1s is a convex transducer for obstetrics, gynecology, abdominal studies, musculoskeletal system, vascular system, urology, nervous system.
  • SC8-2s is a convex transducer for obstetrics, gynecology, examination of the abdominal organs, vascular system, urology.
  • C11-3s is a microconvex transducer for pediatrics, abdominal, transcranial, vascular, small organs.
  • C6-2Gs is a microconvex probe for interventional studies, fetal heart studies, pediatrics.
  • L14-3Ws is a linear transducer for examination of blood vessels, organs of the abdominal and thoracic cavity, pediatrics.
  • L9-3s is a linear transducer for obstetrics and pediatrics, studies of the abdominal organs, musculoskeletal system, blood vessels, nerves.
  • L20-5s is a linear probe for examination of superficial organs and structures, peripheral vessels, neonatology and pediatrics.
  • SP5-1s is a sector sensor for diagnosing the heart, blood vessels of the brain and its pathologies, abdominal studies.
  • V11-3Hs is an intracavitary sensor for obstetrics, gynecology, diagnostics of the abdominal organs.
  • ELC13-4s is a biplane probe for research in urology.
  • P7-3Ts is a transesophageal probe for TEE (transesophageal or transesophageal echocardiography).
  • CW2s is a phased pencil transducer for cardiovascular applications.
  • CW5s is a phased pencil transducer for vascular examination in spectral Doppler mode.

Areas of use

  • Obstetrics;
  • Gynecology;
  • Cardiology;
  • Examination of the abdominal cavity;
  • Pediatrics and neonatology;
  • Intracavitary studies;
  • Surgical measures, etc.
  • LCD monitor 23.8” high resolution;
  • 15.6” ultra-thin touch screen with gesture control;
  • height-adjustable rotary control panel;
  • iConsole (intelligent control panel);
  • iCompare (image comparison);
  • 5 active ports for connecting sensors;
  • Possibility of autonomous work from accumulator batteries within 4 hours;
  • B / M / Color / Color M / Power Doppler Flow Imaging;
  • Cardiology software package including continuous Doppler + ECG;
  • PWD (pulse doppler);
  • SSC (Sound Speed ​​Compensation);
  • PSH™ (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging);
  • iBeam™ (imaging with spatial composition);
  • iClear™ (imaging with noise reduction);
  • iTouch™ (automatic image optimization);
  • iZoom™ (full screen view);
  • Echo Boost ™ (enhanced imaging mode for cardiac studies);
  • Smart Track (technology for effective vascular research);
  • HR Flow™ (high resolution stream);
  • Raw data processing;
  • 128 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD;
  • DVD-RW, HDMI output and USB 3.0 ports;
  • iStorage (network storage);
  • iStation™ (patient management);
  • Built-in wireless adapter;
  • Standby mode;
  • Automatic measurement of IMT;
  • Gel warmer;
  • DICOM.

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