УЗИ аппарат Mindray Imagyn I9


Mindray Imagyn I9

A premium ultrasound machine based on the ZST+ platform, designed specifically for women and neonatal healthcare. The ZST+ platform is an extraordinary innovation that represents the evolution of ultrasound. Converting ultrasound performance from conventional beamforming to channel-based data processing. It overcomes the traditional limitation of the trade-off between spatial resolution, temporal resolution, and tissue uniformity, delivering exceptional image quality for endless imaging solutions with continuous improvements.

Features of the Imagyn I9


  • routine research;
  • special scenarios for visualization of soft tissues and bones;
  • iLive script;
  • 3D/4D interaction becomes extremely intuitive and easy with reduced knob adjustment;
  • Just click and choose the effect you want for different application scenarios;
  • Picture presets have been integrated into the system to achieve optimal 3D effects.



  • A variety of sensors and their convenient placement, the presence of 2 screens (LED with the ability to display a full-screen image and touch) and an intelligent iConsole panel on a floating stand;
  • Many special features and options for maternal and fetal examinations and the latest Mindray technologies such as ZST+, Echo Boost for enhanced cardiac imaging, iTouch automatic image optimization, iClear+ speckle reduction, and more;
  • The ultrasound machine is mobile, transformable for transportation and can be used both at the patient's bedside and outside the walls of the medical facility;
  • 23.8-inch full-screen borderless display with additional information;
  • 15.6 inch full HD touch screen with powerful gesture control;
  • Simultaneous dual-screen display for both doctors and moms;
  • Well thought out design for maximum convenience;
  • Minimum height 1 meter;
  • Easy transport by MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) for mobile service;
  • Up to 4 hours of continuous scanning;
  • Automatic indication of residual power when you take the right handle;
  • Its operation is almost silent - the operating noise level is 26 dB.
  • Revolutionary ultrasound diagnostic technology ZST +;
  • B/M/Color/Color M/Power Doppler flow analysis;
  • Pulsed wave doppler;
  • SSC (auto-optimization technology for ultrasonic wave speed);
  • HD sight;
  • iBeam™ (multi-beam composite image scanning (compounding);
  • iClear+™ (speckle noise reduction for high-quality imaging);
  • iTouch™ (automatic image optimization);
  • iZoom™ (Mindray's algorithm for scaling the scan area to full screen without losing quality);
  • Echo Boost™ (improved cardiac imaging mode);
  • iCompare (image comparison x-ray / mammography / ultrasound, CT / MRI);
  • Smart Track (intelligent vascular tracking and image optimization);
  • Smart Doppler (intelligent optimization of Doppler modes);
  • HR Flow™ (display of blood flow with high spatial and temporal resolution for better visualization of vessels, including the smallest ones);
  • Glazing Flow (Visual color Doppler 3D display for clear visualization of the structure of the arcuate artery and small interlobular artery with a 3D image);
  • Smart-V Trace (intelligent analysis of endometrial susceptibility);
  • Smart FLC (intelligent follicle research for IVF);
  • iLive (high-speed volumetric high-precision and clear visualization of surface and internal structures);
  • Smart Planes CNS (fully automatic examination of the fetal CNS);
  • Smart ICV (auto-segmentation of the brain and auto-measurement of fetal intracranial volume);
  • Smart Pelvic (diagnosis of pelvic floor diseases);
  • Processing of raw data;
  • 128 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD;
  • DVD-RW, HDMI output and USB 3.0 ports;
  • iStorage (network storage);
  • iStation™ Patient Management;
  • Built-in wireless LAN adapter;
  • 23.8" high resolution LED monitor with full screen display;
  • Ultra-slim 15.6" FHD touchscreen with adjustable viewing angle for quick and easy access to controls;
  • Intelligent iConsole control panel on a floating suspension with E-ink keys for easy control of the study;
  • Five active transducer ports at a height high enough for clinicians to reach without bending down;
  • The minimum height is 1 meter, the possibility of folding and transportation for examination outside the clinic;
  • Battery life is 4 hours. The remaining charge indicator is activated when the right handle of the control panel is touched;
  • The ability to look at both screens for both the doctor and the expectant mother;
  • Standby mode;
  • Automatic measurement of CMM thickness;
  • Gel warmer;
  • DICOM Basic and DICOM Worklist;
  • Panoramic scanning iScape;
  • Automatic calculation of ejection fraction AutoEF;
  • TDI tissue doppler;
  • stress echo;
  • Shear wave elastography;
  • Available with a wide range of monocrystalline

LCD monitor 23.8” high resolution;
Ultra-slim 15.6” touchscreen with gesture control;
Height-adjustable rotary control panel;
iConsole (intelligent control panel);
iCompare (image comparison);
5 active ports for connecting sensors;
Possibility of autonomous work from accumulator batteries within 4 hours;
B / M / Color / Color M / Power Doppler Flow Imaging;
Cardiology software package including continuous Doppler + ECG;
PWD (pulse doppler);
SSC (Sound Speed ​​Compensation);
PSH™ (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging);
iBeam™ (imaging with spatial composition);
iClear™ (imaging with noise reduction);
iTouch™ (automatic image optimization);
iZoom™ (full screen view);
Echo Boost ™ (enhanced imaging mode for cardiac studies);
Smart Track (technology for effective vascular research);
HR Flow™ (high resolution stream);
Raw data processing;
128 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD;
DVD-RW, HDMI output and USB 3.0 ports;
iStorage (network storage);
iStation™ (patient management);
Built-in wireless adapter;
Standby mode;
Automatic measurement of IMT;
Gel warmer;

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