УЗИ аппарат Mindray DC-70


Mindray DC-70

State-of-the-art fixed-type ultrasound system with a sensitive 10.4" touchscreen display and an easy-to-use 19" LCD monitor on a swivel arm. The system is rich in technical equipment, characterized by improved visualization, equipped with a function of broadband blood flow imaging.

Area of use

  • Orthopedic research;
  • Study of "difficult" patients;
  • Examination of peripheral veins of the lower extremities;
  • Examination of the thyroid gland;
  • Examination of the peripheral arteries of the upper limbs;
  • Gynecological studies;
  • OB study 1 (first trimester);
  • Abdominal examinations of adults;
  • Studies of small organs;
  • Urological research;
  • Examination of peripheral veins of the upper extremities;
  • Examination of the testicles;
  • Cardiological examination of the fetus;
  • Studies of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Research of carotid arteries;
  • Breast research;
  • Obstetric study 2 (in the second and third trimesters);
  • Examination of peripheral arteries of the lower extremities;
  • Examination of the kidneys;
  • neonatal abdominal examinations;
  • Pediatric cardiac research;
  • Pediatric abdominal examinations;
  • Examination of the prostate gland;
  • Study of the nervous system;
  • Neonatal cardiac research;
  • Adult cardiac studies.


  • Convex probe C5-2E, 1.3 - 6.0 MHz;
  • High-density convex probe С7-3E, 2.2-8.1 MHz;
  • Microconvex transducer C11-3E, pediatric, 2.6 - 12.8 MHz;
  • High-density linear probe L12-3E, 3.0 - 13.5 MHz;
  • High-frequency high-density linear transducer L14-6WE, 3.5 - 16.0 MHz;
  • Low-frequency linear sensor L9-3E, 1.8 - 9.8 MHz;
  • Linear intraoperative L-shaped sensor L16-4HE, 3.5 - 16 MHz;
  • Sector phased sensor P4-2E, 1.3 - 5.4 MHz;
  • Sector phased pediatric sensor P7-3E, 2.0-8.0 MHz;
  • Sector phased neonatal sensor P10-4E, 3.0 - 11.4 MHz;
  • Sector phased transesophageal transducer P7-3TE, 2.3-7.2 MHz;
  • Microconvex intracavitary probe V11-3E, 2.6 - 12.8 MHz;
  • Microconvex intracavitary probe V11-3BE, 2.6 - 12.8 MHz;
  • Microconvex high-density intracavitary probe V11-3WE, 2.6 - 12.8 MHz;
  • Dedicated convex transducer for real-time volumetric scanning D6-2NE, 2.6 - 8.2 MHz;
  • Dedicated convex transducer for real-time volumetric scanning D7-2E, 2.6-8.2 MHz;
  • Dedicated microconvex intracavitary transducer for real-time volumetric scanning, 2.6 - 12.8 MHz;
  • Dedicated microconvex intracavitary transducer for real-time volumetric scanning, 2.1 - 12.8 MHz;
  • Endorectal biplane probe CB10-4E (microconvex/microconvex), 2.6-12.8 MHz;
  • Phased pencil probe for "blind" vascular studies, 5 MHz.
  • 19 inch LED monitor.
  • Command touch screen 10.4" with gesture recognition technology and the ability to adjust the angle.
  • Scan Modes B/M/Color Doppler CDI/Color M/Power Doppler - PD/Dir.PD Power Doppler.
  • PW Doppler (including high pulse repetition rate mode HPRF).
  • PSH™ - phase inverted harmonic.
  • iBeam™ - multibeam compounding mode.
  • iClear™ - adaptive noise reduction mode.
  • iTouch™ - automatic image optimization.
  • iZoom™ - full screen ultrasound imaging.
  • Echo Boost™ is an enhanced imaging mode for cardiology.
  • HDR Flow is a blood flow display mode with high temporal and spatial resolution for accurate and uniform visualization of blood vessels, including the smallest ones.
  • Depth VR - improved spatial display of volumetric data.
  • Smart Track - automatic adjustment of the location and angle of the color Doppler frame with automatic tracking of the position of the control volume.
  • Saving information in the "raw data" format.
  • 500 GB hard drive with iStation™ patient database software.
  • DVD-RW drive, HDMI output and USB 3.0 ports.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi adapter.
  • MedSight™ - transfer of information to the patient's electronic devices (available for IOS / Android operating systems, the DICOM Basic option on the ultrasound scanner is required to work with IOS devices).
  • MedTouch™ - scanner control from doctor's electronic devices (available for IOS/Android devices).
  • iScanHelper is a built-in training software.
  • Holder for intracavitary probe (default on the left side of the scanner)

Technologies and modes

  • Gesture-enabled touchscreen — The 10.4-inch gesture-based smart touchscreen lets you do more than you ever imagined. Whether it's scrolling through images, moving an image from/to the monitor, zooming in on an image, taking measurements, or launching other user-assignable functions with dedicated gestures. The DC-70 allows you to achieve more in less time.
  • MedSight - The DC-70 system allows you to transfer clinical images and videos to an IOS or Android device using an interactive application. Sometimes the expectant mother wants to share a photo of her unborn child with her family or friends, sometimes the pictures are needed for discussion with colleagues - with MedSight, the results of your examinations will always be at hand.
  • MedTouch technology - size and physical distance - no longer a barrier. MedTouch's all-in-one solution gives you the ability to remotely control your ultrasound machine, access patient data, and access a built-in training program through your Android device.
  • iWorks technology - take advantage of built-in standard scan protocols and reduce examination time by 50%. This flexible and powerful feature can be further customized to the needs of a particular user.
  • Automated Measurements - Dedicated Automated Measurement Packages include Smart OB, Smart NT, Smart-V, Auto IMT, Auto LV, and Auto PW

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