Центральная станция Mindray BeneVision CMS


BeneVision Central Station

Provides access to information not only from the nurse's central station or centralized monitoring station, but also through connected viewing stations, BeneVision workstations and even smartphones, allowing you to optimize the efficiency of the clinical process. Two-way communication with ADT and EMR is provided by eGateway, an integrated software solution from Mindray.

Application area

Central monitoring station with a wide range of capabilities, designed to monitor the patient's condition in real time. The system is suitable for hospitals, hospitals, clinics of any size. It will be indispensable in intensive care units and intensive care units.

Key features


  • Three-layer network infrastructure and flexible configuration of the central station, workstation and viewing station, allowing the user to network up to 1,200 devices in a monitoring network;
  • Simultaneous connection of devices via wired and wireless networks, as well as telemetry devices;
  • 19" LCD and touch screen can display 16 patients at the same time;
  • The station supports up to four displays;
  • Up to 64 patient monitors connected to one station;
  • Two-way data exchange with bedside monitors optimizes staff work;
  • Support for all Mindray patient monitors, including BeneVision N-series monitors and TM80 telemetry systems;
  • Saving up to 240 hours of developed curves;
  • Archived patient database provides data viewing for 20,000 discharged patients;
  • Connecting a network printer or thermal printer for document management;
  • Connect to ECG management systems to create 12-lead ECG reports;
  • Connection to eGateway for data export in accordance with the HL7 IHE PCD v2 standard;
  • Ensure mobility in the clinical setting with a smartphone interface.
  • Country of origin: China
  • Trends: Up to 240 hours
  • Print Functions: Yes
  • Bidirectional Communication: Yes
  • Number of combined patient monitors : 64
  • Monitor: LCD touch screen
  • Connection: Wired and wireless
  • Data replay function: Yes
  • Connection to eGateway: Yes
  • Equipment class: Medium
  • Screen diagonal (in inches): 19
  • Monitor connections: All Mindray patient monitors, including BeneVision N-series monitors and TM80 telemetry systems
  • Archived patient database: View data for 20,000 discharged patients
  • Connecting a network printer or thermal printer: Yes
  • Connection to ECG management systems: Yes

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