Multi-temp abutment

It is used for temporary prosthetics, it is used only for bridges
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Multi-temp abutment
Multi-temp abutment
Multi-temp abutment
Multi-temp abutment

For the creation of screwed temporary elements.

It should only be used with bridges, it is not suitable for use with single elements.
The different heights of the neck are based on the functional conditions of  the soft peri-implant tissues. The diameter of the abutment must correspond to the diameter of the implant. 
Supplied with long screw for the construction of temporary prostheses and short screw for fixing.

Diameter (mm) Height H (mm)
3,4 / 3,81
3,4 / 3,83
3,4 / 3,85


Diameter (mm)Height H (mm)
4,5 / 5,51
4,5 / 5,53
4,5 / 5,55

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