Infinity Acute Care System

Modernize your clinical process with the Infinity® Acute Care System (IACS) monitoring system, a multifunctional system in which the patient is connected to a medical terminal that displays physiological parameters in real time and provides access to IT (IT) applications for comprehensive analysis and prompt decision making directly at the point of care.


Continuous surveillance

Place the Infinity M540 monitor on the wired network docking station right next to the patient. For patient transport, remove the M540 from the docking station and it will begin transmitting data wirelessly. The patient's condition can be monitored using the Infinity CentralStation. After docking the monitor to the docking station at a new location, the system automatically receives recorded data from the previous control terminal (Medical Cockpit), including up to 96 hours of trends, and also downloads data collected during transport from the M540.

One monitoring platform for the entire hospital

One multifunction monitor Infinity M540 accompanies the patient throughout the entire treatment - from admission to discharge. Add options as needed with MPods and MCable cables. As the patient's condition improves, monitoring of certain parameters can be completed by turning off the corresponding modules and sensors.

System interoperability

By connecting a Dräger ventilator to the Infinity Acute Care System, you can monitor lung recruitment, respiratory trends and physiological responses to therapeutic interventions. The screen of the Medical Cockpit displays hemodynamic and respiratory data together. In the operating room, the Infinity Acute Care System monitor system expands the functionality of the anesthesia workstation, providing the doctor with: monitoring of the patient's vital signs, access to network and web applications (web), as well as the ability to maintain an electronic anesthesia record.

Decision Support

Get complete clinical information at the point of care and use built-in analysis tools to quickly assess the effectiveness of therapy and drugs. Thanks to the support of information technology (IT), the Medical Cockpit allows you to receive and process data from Dräger information systems. Use the HTML5-enabled Internet Explorer® 11 web browser and system IT tabs to customize work apps and analysis tools. The split screen feature allows you to display real-time monitoring data along with information received from hospital systems and applications. Launch web applications using the built-in Citrix® Medical Cockpit client.

Configured and customizable screen formats of the Medical Cockpit

For convenience of work on the Medical Cockpit control terminal, up to eight pre-configured modes (types) of data display are available. Additionally, users can create up to 8 custom screen configurations. Alarm limits and parameter settings are adapted according to clinical tasks and patient categories. The screen split function allows you to continuously display the current measurements of the patient's parameters and at the same time view the records of trends and events, display information from the equipment integrated into the system (ventilator, LDA, etc.), as well as launch software applications.

General status log and alarm log

Up to 96 hours of patient status recording is available on the Medical Cockpit control terminal, and up to 72 hours on the Infinity M540 monitor. The data collected during patient transport is automatically transferred to the medical terminal upon arrival and presented in the form of graphs and tables. Keep track of significant events during patient care. The system stores up to 150 events, including alarms for all monitored parameters, and allows them to be displayed in 20-second segments.

additional display

  • Maximum display delay 250 ms with respect to patient signal
  • Connecting to Cockpit DV Connector

IT applications

Dräger technologies allow IT applications to be applied directly at the point of care using web tab options and web formats of the medical control terminal screen. Thanks to this, you can work with the electronic medical record of the patient, study the results of laboratory and radiological examinations, access the resources of the internal hospital network and Dräger IT applications. Please contact your Dräger representative for more information on integrating such applications and support for the latest versions available.

Innovian® Solution Suite Innovian is an intelligent system

Dräger for patient data management. It can be configured to display information for one or more patients. In single patient mode, switching to the Innovian tab displays local patient data; If a local patient's admission has not yet been registered to the Innovian Solution Suite system, the registration (acceptance) screen is displayed.

Infinity® Gateway PatientWatch

This application allows you to view real-time data and indicators of up to four bedside monitors simultaneously on the screen of a medical terminal

Medical cockpit. Citrix®

The Infinity Acute Care System monitor supports Citrix IT Server Applications. ICA Application Client version 14.1.0 (Receiver Module - Receiver 4.1)

Support for Citrix XenApp server IT applications (versions 5, 6, and 6.5).

Microsoft® Internet Explorer® web browser
Internet Explorer® 11 can be configured as one of the IT tabs that contains several pre-configured web pages. It can also be opened in split screen mode. Additionally, there is a web application tab for an individual pre-configured page.

Ability to connect to equipment

Anesthesia equipment:

  • Dräger Perseus® A500, 1.11
  • Dräger Primus®, 4.5
  • Dräger Primus IE, 4.5 Dräger Fabius®, 3.35
  • Dräger Zeus® IE, 1.04 Ventilators:
  • Dräger Evita® V500, 2.31
  • Dräger Evita V300, 2.31
  • Dräger Babylog® VN500, 2.31
  • Dräger Evita 2D, 1.00 and up
  • Dräger Evita 4, 1.00 and up
  • Dräger Evita XL, 5.00 and above
  • Dräger Oxylog® 3000+, 1.04
  • Dräger Savina® 300, 4.02
  • Dräger Carina®, 3.21 Maquet Servo-i, V7
  • Monitors for central hemodynamics (CCO): Edwards Vigilance II SvO2/CCO Edwards Vigileo SvO2/CCO Edwards EV1000 SvO2/CCO BIS monitor (BIS - Bispectral EEG Index):
  • Medtronic BIS VISTA
  • NMT monitors (NMT - neuromuscular conduction):
  • iDMed TOFscan
  • Merck TOF Watch SX

Total System Power Consumption of: Infinity® Medical Cockpit (C500 or C700), M540 Patient Monitor, M500 Docking Station and P2500 Power Supply - 150W avg

physical characteristics

  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 36 x 22 x 14.9 cm
  • Weight 10 kg
  • Cooling Convection (requires P2500 mount for normal cooling)
  • Connections and interfaces
  • Data export port - Export Protocol (RS232)
  • Connector for connection to the alarm system (nurse call)

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