Шприцевой насос Mindray BeneFusion SP5


Syringe Pump Mindray BeneFusion SP5

It is characterized by high rates of accuracy and absolute safety of operation. The equipment allows infusion to a patient of any age. The display in the design allows you to quickly receive data on the introduction of the drug and its amount. The syringe starts up with lightning speed.


  • 3.5 inch color screen for viewing various information on one page. The screen's high contrast and brightness adjustment makes it easy to read information from a distance of up to 5 meters.
  • Intelligent occlusion control system.
  • Dynamic pressure system and anti-bolus function.
  • Quick start function for efficient and timely medication.
  • Up to 6 infusion modes for all clinical applications.
  • Ability to stack pumps
  • Safety is ensured by the anti-siphon design.
  • Acoustic signaling with 3 volume levels, as well as highly visible light signaling.
  • The titration function allows you to change the flow rate of the liquid during the infusion without interrupting the flow.
  • Remembering the last used infusion parameters, which is convenient in case of several infusions with the same parameters in a row.
  • Memory for 2000 infusion messages.
  • Due to the horizontal design of the pump, it is possible to install several devices on top of each other in a "stack".
  • Built-in battery, up to 10 hours of battery life.
  • Automatic recognition of syringes from 5 to 60 ml.
  • Automatic calculation of delivery speed based on different modes.

physical characteristics

  • Overall WxHxD: 295 x 87 x 174 mm
  • Weight up to 2.5 kg, stackable
  • Classification: Type CF, Defibrillation Protection, Class I


  • Screen: 3.5" TFT color LCD, 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Brightness: 1-8 levels (customizable), default is level 4
  • Information Delivery Rate, Current Infusion, Target Volume Infused (VTBI), Total Volume, Syringe Size, Syringe Brand, Pressure Limit, Battery Capacity, Drugs, Time Remaining, Alarm
  • CPU Type: Dual CPU

Syringe selection

  • Volume: 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 60 ml
  • Customization: Preset for more than 20 brands of syringes, user-configurable, including settings for BD, B. Braun, Terumo, Codan, Nipro
  • Recognition: Automatic syringe size recognition and fixation

main parameters

  • Mode Speed, Time, Body Weight, Increase/Decrease, Sequential, Microinfusion
  • Delivery rate: 5 ml: 0.1-100 ml/h 10 ml: 0.1-200 ml/h 20 ml: 0.1-400 ml/h 30 ml: 0.1-600 ml/h 50/60 ml: 0.1–1500 ml/h
  • Step: 0.01 ml (0.1-99.99 ml/h) 0.1 ml (100-999.9 ml/h) 1 ml (1000-1500 ml/h)
  • Target volume (VTBI): 0.10-9999.99 ml (0.01 ml increments)
  • Set time: 00:00:01–99:59:59 (h:m:s), configurable
  • Total volume: 0.01-9999.99 ml (0.01 ml increments)
  • KVO: 0.1-5.0 ml/h, configurable, step 0.1 ml/h, default 1.0 ml/h
  • Purge: 0.10 - 1500 ml/h (depending on syringe size)


  • Feed rate: ≥1ml/h ≤±2%
  • Delivery rate: < 1ml/h ≤±5%


  • Bolus Rate: Operator bolus setting: 0.10 - 1500 ml/h (depending on syringe size).
  • maximum bolus rate: 5 ml: 100 ml/h, 10 ml: 200 ml/h, 20 ml: 400 ml/h, 30 ml: 600 ml/h, 50 ml: 800 ml/h, 60 ml: 800 ml/h
  • automatic bolus setting: 0.10-1500 ml/h (depending on syringe size).
  • Target bolus volume: Auto preset bolus volume: 0.10-9999.99 ml

Spectrum of functions

  • Automatic calculation of delivery speed based on different modes
  • Stop infusion/standby: the set parameters are saved
  • The drug library includes up to 2000 drugs, can be turned on or off, drugs can be added or removed in user-defined drug list mode
  • Archive contains up to 2000 entries, data can be transferred to a PC
  • Titration function: change the flow rate during infusion in steps of 0.01 ml/h
  • Available languages: Russian, English, Spanish, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese

Safety system

  • Clamp pressure selectable from 4 pressure units: mmHg/kPa/bar/psi inch, automatic conversion to various units, default is mmHg.

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