Инфузионный шприцевой насос Bbraun Prefusor Compact


Infusion syringe pump Bbraun Prefusor Compact

The Prefusor Compact automatic infusion pump is a modern, lightweight and compact syringe pump with the ability to dock several devices into a single system.

Features and Benefits

Compact size, light weight and excellent efficiency:

  • the built-in locking mechanism for docking of pumps among themselves;
  • flexible intuitive interface for different infusion modes;
  • universal mount for fast and reliable fixation of the device at the patient's bedside.

Simplicity and safety:

  • convenient panel for quick setting of infusion parameters;
  • large screen to control the main parameters of work;
  • simple replacement of syringes;
  • the possibility of using syringes of 20 and 50 ml;
  • automatic reduction of the bolus when an alarm is given and automatic return to the set parameters after the elimination of its cause;
  • excellent infusion start rates: high level of accuracy and consistency of flow, even at low infusion rates.

More opportunities for mobile medicine:

  • portable units, including up to three self-powered pumps;
  • work from the mains and built-in batteries up to three days;
  • Ability to use AA batteries.


  • type CF, defibrillation protection, protection class II

Infusion parameters:

  • injection rate range: 0.1 - 99.9 ml/hour
  • Bolus rate: 800 ml/hour
  • Injection accuracy: + 2% (Measurement time > 1 hour, min. 2 ml)
  • Infusion volume / Preset: up to 999.9 ml, step 0.1 ml

Range of functions:

  • syringe choice: 20 or 50 ml original Perfusor syringes or others
  • bolus delivery, adjustable parameters: bolus delivery with constant volume control
  • pause: no time limit, all set parameters are saved
  • connection of an external computer for data exchange

Safety system:

  • Occlusal pressure levels: 3 adjustable levels (max. 1.2 bar).
  • Sensitive pressure sensors reduce the time to alarm and the amount of bolus in the system in case of unacceptable pressure buildup.
  • Automatic bolus reduction, return of parameters after elimination of the cause of the alarm.
  • Visual and acoustic alarm with interruption of infusion for improper syringe insertion, occlusion, completion of insertion, empty syringe, low battery/accumulator.
  • Pre-alarm: 3 minutes before the syringe is empty, 30 minutes before the battery is completely discharged.
  • Staff call: max. 24 V/1 A/24 VA (VDE 0834).

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