Потолочный бестеневой светильник Degre K Candela N50

Degre K

Ceiling shadowless lamp Degre K Candela N50

The built-in CANDELA N50 LED panels provide uniform and constant illumination of the treatment room and very good color reproduction. This entry-level unit is ideal for equipping an affordable treatment room with the latest Degré K technology. The choice of professional lighting you work with on a daily basis can have implications for your health and well-being as well as your work.
Degre K has been developing exclusive technologies for many years to offer you "biolight", i.e. light that takes care of you, protects your body and allows you to work in the best possible conditions.


  • Spectrum D65
    All high quality Degré K luminaires are D65 certified. This means that they reproduce natural daylight perfectly, unlike almost all fixtures on the market that simply mimic it by mimicking its only chromaticity (color temperature). Real natural light in the D65 spectrum has only advantages over imitation daylight: fully preserved biological rhythms, maximum visual acuity, perfect color recognition and unrivaled comfort. Every day you can immediately feel the difference: you get less tired and work much more efficiently at the end of the day.

  • Diffused light (shadowless lighting)
    When the sun is behind you, what you see is evenly lit and you can see details without fatigue. With Northern Light technology, we reproduce this phenomenon in your treatment room.
    Degre K pendant ceiling lights feature dual direct and indirect lighting that provides powerful and soft lighting to your entire room from floor to ceiling. Your comfort is maximum and working conditions are optimal.
  • Blue light protection
    Most LED lights emit toxic blue light that damages the retina and promotes AMD. Most importantly, this blue color disrupts your biological rhythm, causing sleep and mood disturbances.
    Rest assured, all Degre K luminaires are equipped with Blue Control. This exclusive technology filters toxic blue light well below the acceptable threshold and protects your body.

  • Soft light with microprismatic diffuser
    The softness of the light works on the same principle as the water in the shower. It depends on how the light output (or shower jet) is divided. The direction of emission of the LEDs and the very high optical quality of the microprismatic diffuser divide the luminous flux into many divergent beams, eliminating any light aggressiveness. With Degre K lights, your treatment room is immersed in a bath of soft light.
  • Quality and environment
    We believe that taking care of yourself also means taking care of the environment. That is why we attach great importance to the quality of workmanship and the environmental footprint of our products. All lamps are made in France from environmentally friendly materials. Of course, they meet all standards of medical and dental lighting.

  • Quick installation in any false ceiling
  • Made in France
  • Complies with all medical and dental lighting standards
  • Dust-proof IP44 (dust, insects, splashes, etc.)
  • the light spectrum at 5000K / CRI > 92 mimics the color of light in the middle of the day.
  • set of 4 built-in daylight LED panels

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