Потолочный бестеневой светильник Degre K Albedo N50

Degre K

Shadowless ceiling lamp Degre K ALBÉDO N50

Excellent professional lamp at a very reasonable price. Designed for research in general dental and surgical rooms, its very good color rendering, consistent high performance of LED sources, frequency and softness of light distribution make it very important for doctors' work.

Advantages of ALBEDO N50

  • diffuse lighting

ALBÉDO N50 emits a strong indirect light that doubles the direct light. This scattering, like the natural lighting around, the perfect hit of light in all areas of the treatment room, without annoying contrasts, shadows or near. This is the first condition for achieving sharpness without fatigue.

  • Soft light

The brand new ALBÉDO N50 micro-primastic diffuser provides excellent aggressiveness of powerful light. Treatment room immersion in a particularly pleasant light bath.

  • Safety

A low-quality LED ceiling light can generate blue light that is harmful to your outlook, increasing your risk of AMD and cataracts. Luckily, ALBÉDO N50 is equipped with Blue Control, an exclusive technology that filters blue light and includes your eyes. Another advantage: there is no unusual acceleration of photopolymerization.

  • Design

The ultra-thin frame with a sleek design combines modern technology and is suitable for all types of treatment rooms.

  • Hygiene

Dust-proof and disinfectable on the surface, it meets the requirements of asepsis in the treatment room.

  • Light spectrum at 5000 K
  • Color rendering index >92
  • Made in France
  • Complies with all medical and dental lighting standards
  • Dust-proof IP50 (dust, insects, splashes...)

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