Портативный УЗИ сканер Mindray MX7

Portable ultrasound scanner Mindray MX7

Mindray MX7 is Mindray's new portable ultra-lightweight ultrasound scanner. It, like a number of other modern models of Mindray ultrasound scanners, is based on the advanced ZONE Sonography® Technology (ZST +) virtual beamforming technology. With superior image quality and a modern, compact design (weighing just 3 kilograms and less than 4.5 centimeters thick when folded), the MX7 enables a wide range of ultrasound examinations. The small size combined with the advanced battery provides a high degree of mobility and improves the efficiency of diagnostics, and three displays make the work comfortable and fast. Mindray's new ultralight MX series color Doppler ultrasound systems have utilized the unique ZST+ technology. As a result, these systems far outperform conventional ultrasonic systems from other manufacturers. Weighing only 3 kg and only 44 mm high, the MX series systems are the lightest and thinnest laptop-sized ultrasound systems on the market. Also worth noting is the innovative design with three displays.

Technologies and features of the ultrasound scanner Mindray MX7

  • ZONE Sonography® Technology Plus (ZST+) - zone scanning technology - extremely fast and accurate imaging, reduced motion artifacts, higher frame refresh rate;
  • Dynamic Pixel Focusing - dynamic pixel focusing, excellent detail resolution throughout the entire scanning depth.

Advanced Processing Algorithm

  • HD Scope - multiple and retrospective data processing. HD Scope helps maximize image detail and contrast in the area of ​​interest;
  • Echo Boost is an adaptive signal processing technology with an intelligent recognition system. It uses signal/noise information to amplify the echo and at the same time reduce noise. This leads to an optimization of the image brightness and an increase in the quality of visualization of the structures and borders of the heart;
  • HR-flow - display of blood flow with high resolution (both spatial and temporal) for homogeneous and accurate visualization of vessels - from the largest to the smallest.

Compact design and perfect ergonomics

  • Weight 3 kg and thickness 44 mm (when folded) - ultra-light and thin portable ultrasound system;
  • 15.6-inch IPS monitor;
  • 12.3 inch touch screen provides user with intuitive operation;
  • High mobility and flexibility.

High autonomy

  • Ultra-long battery life - up to 8 hours. U-bank, advanced battery, wireless charging: long-lasting performance and maximum convenience.

Advanced diagnostic options

  • UWN+ Contrast Imaging™ is an option for examining with contrast agents. Excellent contrast medium sensitivity, dynamic pixel focusing, longer perfusion time and lower contrast agent dosage;
  • iNeedle+ - mode for improved visualization of needles during a biopsy. Second generation option. iNeedle+ works on convex and linear probes. iNeedle+ automatically detects the direction of the needle, provides accurate automatic tracking of the angle of the needle and optimization of the slope;
  • Natural Touch Elastography - an option for assessing tissue elasticity (elastography) with a multi-parameter quantitative analysis program;
  • LVO (Left Ventricular Opacification) - an option for examining the left ventricle of the heart using contrast agents, which allows to identify structural and functional changes in the left ventricle with improved contrast and sensitivity, which provides a clearer display of the endocardial boundaries, especially in difficult patients;
  • Smart OB - automated calculation for obstetric studies;
  • Auto EF - automatic calculation of the left ventricular ejection fraction;
  • Screen Size - ″15
  • DICOM - Yes
  • Command touch display - Yes
  • Volumetric scanning (4D) - No
  • 3D free hand reconstruction - Yes
  • Automatic intima-media thickness (IMT) calculation - Yes
  • Trapezoidal mode (virtual convex) - Yes
  • Panoramic Scan Yes
  • The program for automatic measurement of the main parameters of fetal biometrics in obstetrics - Yes
  • The presence of automatic calculation of the collar space - Yes
  • Option Pack 5D - No
  • Constant Wave Doppler (CW) - Yes
  • Anatomical M-Mode - Yes
  • Support for Fusion technology (combining images on CT / MRI with ultrasound) - No
  • Volumetric imaging of the fetal heart (STIC) - No
  • ECG Block Support - Yes
  • Support for studies with contrast agents - No
  • Device Type - Portable
  • Specialization (ultrasound) - General studies
  • Device class - Expert
  • Type of elastography - Compression
  • Types of supported sensors - Convex, Linear (up to 15 MHz), Cavitary convex, Sector phased adult, Sector phased pediatric, Linear high frequency, Linear ultrahigh frequency
  • Supported Sensor Types - High Density
  • Number of active connectors for sensors - 1
  • Gel warmer - No
  • Color Doppler (CD) - Yes
  • Tissue Doppler (TDI) - Yes
  • Sensor splitter for portable scanners - Yes
  • Built-in rechargeable battery - Yes
  • Battery life of portable scanners (hour) - 8
  • Assessment of myocardial deformation (speckle tracking) - Yes
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) - Yes
  • Height adjustable control panel - Yes
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler - Yes
  • High Frequency Pulse Doppler - Yes
  • Power Doppler - Yes
  • Directed ED - Yes
  • Vector Blood Flow Mapping - No
  • Automatic determination of the Simpson ejection fraction - Yes
  • Automatic Image Optimization - Yes
  • Automatic calculation of hemodynamic parameters from the Doppler spectrum (tracing / spectrum contouring) - Yes
  • Non-Doppler imaging of blood flow - No
  • Stress echocardiography - Yes
  • WiFi - Yes
  • Needle Visualization Improvement for Linear Gauges - Yes
  • Beam tilt in Doppler modes on linear B-steer transducers - Yes
  • Multi-beam scanning/compounding - Yes
  • Grain Suppression - Yes
  • Virtual light source in 3D - No
  • Option to obtain a three-dimensional image in the mode of color Doppler mapping (three-dimensional reconstruction of the color flow) - No
  • Auto measurements in 3D mode - No
  • High Sensitivity Doppler (Microvascular Imaging) Yes

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