Портативный УЗИ сканер Mindray DP-50 color

Ultrasound machine Mindray DP-50 Color

Economy class ultrasonic color equipment. This is ideal for a general health facility or veterinary clinic. Due to its dimensions, the model allows you to optimize the working space as much as possible in a hospital or outpatient clinic. Ultrasound scanner Mindray DP-50 Color is developed on the basis of advanced technologies, therefore it has high-quality visualization, high resolution, deep scanning capability. The device is safe and effective in routine practice. The image is clear and sharp with reduced noise and graininess. The medical specialist can scan from different angles to form a complete picture. The display of internal tissues is uniform and smooth. Distinguishing the pathology, the doctor traces its boundaries and contours in detail.

Functions and features

PSHI™ (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging)
Isolated harmonic imaging for improved contrast resolution, delivering sharper images with superior spatial resolution and less noise.

Allows multiple scanning angles to form a single image resulting in increased contrast resolution and improved visualization.


Allows you to improve image quality based on automatic pattern recognition.

  • Sharper edges and contours;
  • Smooth and uniform display of tissues;
  • Grain reduction in "areas without echo".

Multi-beam shaping
Up to 4x faster single-beam signal processing for superior temporal resolution and higher frame rates.

Gives a complete and enhanced view of anatomical structures through panoramic imaging, combined with a speed indicator and a forward/reverse scan function, making the process easier, more consistent and more manageable.

You will have the most complete diagnostic information at your disposal thanks to the detailed visualization of the anatomical structure on all convex and linear transducers.

Trapezoidal imaging
Greater accuracy and completeness of diagnostic information is provided by the improved view of the anatomical structures on all linear transducers.

Your tool for deeper biopsy: maneuvers the ultrasound beam to improve visibility of the needle, nerve fibers and small vessels.

Auto IMT (automatic determination of the thickness of the intima-media complex)

Automatic measurement of the thickness of the anterior and posterior wall, providing accurate information about the state of the carotid artery.

Direct transfer of images and reports to a PC via a network cable.

Provides instant switching to full screen mode with a single keystroke.

  • DICOM - Yes
  • WiFi - No
  • Auto measurements in 3D mode - No
  • Automatic Image Optimization - Yes
  • Automatic calculation of hemodynamic parameters from the Doppler spectrum (tracing / spectrum contouring) - No
  • Automatic intima-media thickness (IMT) calculation - Yes
  • Automatic determination of the Simpson ejection fraction - No
  • Anatomical M-Mode - No
  • Vector Blood Flow Mapping - No
  • Types of supported sensors - Convex, Micro-convex, Linear (up to 15 MHz), Linear low-frequency, Cavity convex, Cavity biplane (convex + convex)
  • Virtual light source in 3D - No
  • Battery life of portable scanners (hour) - 2
  • Built-in rechargeable battery - Yes
  • High Frequency Pulse Doppler - No
  • High Sensitivity Doppler (Microvascular Imaging) - No
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler - Yes
  • Device class - Initial
  • Number of active connectors for sensors - 2
  • Command touch display - No
  • Multi-beam scanning/compounding - Yes
  • Beam tilt in Doppler modes on linear B-steer transducers - No
  • The presence of automatic calculation of the collar space - No
  • The presence of compression elastography - No
  • Availability of shear wave elastography - No
  • Directed ED - Yes
  • Non-Doppler imaging of blood flow - No
  • Volumetric imaging of the fetal heart (STIC) - No
  • Volumetric scanning (4D) - No
  • Option to obtain a three-dimensional image in the mode of color Doppler mapping (three-dimensional reconstruction of the color flow) - No
  • Assessment of myocardial deformation (speckle tracking) - No
  • Option Pack 5D - No
  • Panoramic Scan - No
  • Grain Suppression - Yes
  • ECG block support - No
  • Support for studies with contrast agents - No
  • Support for Fusion technology (combining images on CT / MRI with ultrasound) - No
  • Gel warmer - No
  • Constant Wave Doppler (CW) - No
  • The program for automatic measurement of the main parameters of fetal biometrics in obstetrics - No
  • Sensor splitter for portable scanners - No
  • Screen Size - ″15
  • Specialization (ultrasound) - General studies
  • Stress echocardiography - No
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) - No
  • Device Type - Portable
  • Tissue Doppler (TDI) - No
  • Trapezoidal mode (virtual convex) - Yes
  • 3D reconstruction by "free hand" method - No
  • Needle Visualization Improvement for Linear Gauges - No
  • Color Doppler (CD) - Yes
  • Power Doppler - Yes

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