Prophylaxis powder Smooth


Prophylaxis powder SMOOTH

Gently removes, thanks to its spherical shape, supragingival
biofilm while respecting the surrounding tissues.

  • Teeth cleaning to a shiny finish, while avoiding enamel damage
  • Allows better access to the areas difficult to reach
  • Aids in reducing the PH acidity in the mouth
  • Reduction in aerosol effect and risk of device clogging
  • Sodium and silicon (SI) free
  • The absence of sodium makes it possible to treat patients maintaining a salt-free diet


SMOOTH powder

  • Calcium carbonate-based
  • Average particle size between 45 μm and 75 μm
  • Neutral taste
  • Package: 4 bottles of 250 g each


Image magnification of 1 mm showing the calcium carbonate particles with spherical geometry

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