Операционный стол Maquet BETACLASSIC 1118


Operating table Maquet BETACLASSIC 1118

The mechanical-hydraulic, 4-section table can be equipped with accessories for urology, gynecology, ENT, neurosurgery, orthopedics, etc. The table is equipped at the request of the client with standard molded cushions, cushions with anti-decubitus effect or special cushions for using the table as an examination table. The minimum table height of 650 mm makes it comfortable for elderly and young patients, as well as operations performed by surgeons in a sitting position. The table can be offered with a colored column, which is especially interesting for its use in children's clinics. New control system for mechanical-hydraulic tables. Familiar to all mechanical handles are replaced by three pedals. The first is for switching functions (Trendelenburg, Lateral Tilt Table Raise), the second is a hydraulic pedal for step change of position and the third is for smooth lowering of the table. This allows not only to make changes in table positions more smoothly, to facilitate the work of doctors, but also to exclude contact of doctors' hands with the table surface.



  • The tabletop of the operating table can be completed with four or more sections and does not have transverse elements that would prevent the passage of x-rays. The frame of the table top and base columns are made entirely of chromium-nickel steel.
  • Guide rails allow X-ray cassettes to be placed anywhere under the back and pelvic sections.
  • The 80mm thick tabletop mattress is made of extremely durable memory foam SFC material, which provides comfortable placement and secure fixation of the patient on the operating table.
  • The table is adjusted by means of an electro-hydraulic (hydraulic for BETACLASSIC) drive. The presence (optionally) of a remote control, cable or infrared, as well as a foot control pedal greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of patient positioning.
  • On the base column of the operating table there is a redundant control panel, which ensures safety and the possibility of continuing work in case of failure of the control panels.
  • The convenience of moving the operating table is ensured by the presence of four large double rollers with a diameter of 125 mm.
  • The table is fixed in place with a central brake.
  • table length incl. head section: 2080 mm
  • Width incl. Side rails: 560 mm
  • Height incl. Cushions: 650-1000mm
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: 25`
  • Lateral Tilt: 15`
  • Back section up/down: 60`/50`
  • Foot section lowering: 100`
  • Weight: 160 kg

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