Операционный стол Maquet Alphastar


Operating table Maquet Alphastar PRO

The position of the tabletop and movement of the table (including reversible ones) are provided by an electro-hydraulic drive. The design of the table allows you to instantly adapt it for any type of operation. For smooth control and movement of the ALPHASTAR PRO Maquet operating table, various types of remote controls are available, namely: cable and infrared. A foot pedal is also provided, which allows the surgical team to work in comfortable conditions. The stability and rigid fixation of the operating table is ensured by the presence of a central brake system with an electric drive, which makes it possible to mount the table on reliable column supports. The possibility of using the “C”-arm during operations is ensured by using the position of the patient in the reverse position, which incomparably facilitates the work of the surgical team and expands its capabilities. A design feature of the ALPHASTAR PRO Maquet operating table is the absence of transverse metal elements on the frame of all modules.

  • Table top lift height
  • 1132.11 685-1125 mm
  • 1132.12 598-950 mm
  • 1132.13 685-1070 mm
  • Trendelenburg/Anti-Trendelenburg +30°/-30°
  • Lateral tilt right/left 18°
  • Back section tilt +68°/-25°
  • Leg section tilt +80°/-105°
  • Maximum patient weight
  • 1132.11/12 270 kg
  • 1132.13 450 kg
  • Table length 2095 mm
  • Width (with side rails) 590 mm

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