Операционный стол Maquet ALPHAMAXX 1133


Operating table Maquet ALPHAMAXX 1133

Many adjustments and their wide range allow the ALPHAMAXX operating table to be used in various areas of surgery. Motorized adjustments and the ability to program the position of the tabletop provide additional comfort for the attendants. Designed for patients weighing up to 450 kg, the ALPHAMAXX surgical table offers an unsurpassed level of quality and reliability.


  • Form and function

For more than 165 years, MAQUET has been well known in the medical world as a supplier of high-quality equipment for equipping operating rooms. The company produces stationary and mobile operating tables for various purposes, which provide surgical interventions of any profile and are distinguished by high quality, comfortable ergonomics, interesting design, and exceptional functional characteristics.

  • In dialogue with surgeons

The cooperation of MAQUET engineers with surgeons at the design stage of operating tables allows you to create unique models that are both technically and functionally flawless. The best example of such cooperation is the ALPHAMAXX operating table model. The ALPHAMAXX universal operating table is designed for use in general operating rooms, ensuring the safety and comfort of the patient and medical staff.

  • Versatility and Reliability

A distinctive feature of the ALPHAMAXX operating table is its unique modular design, which allows you to complete the table with many different accessories, depending on the characteristics of the operation. The presence of a large number of accessories and accessories that can be interchanged and easily attached to the tabletop allows the ALPHAMAXX model to be used when performing operations in orthopedics, traumatology, gynecology, and urology. The huge margin of safety of the table structure ensures safety in all positions, even under extreme loads. The table is able to support patients weighing up to 450 kg.



  • Electro-hydraulic adjustments are carried out using an infrared, cable remote control or foot pedal, and there is also a duplicate control panel on the table column
  • The presence of a central brake system allows you to fix the table on 4 stable column supports
  • Regulating mechanisms work both from the AC mains and from the storage battery
  • The working surface of the worktop can be completed with various modular sections
  • The frame of all sections of the tabletop has no transverse metal structures, which makes it possible to use an X-ray unit
  • Special guides allow you to place X-ray cassettes along the tabletop from the side of the head section
  • An additional device provides the function of motorized longitudinal movement of the tabletop
  • The 80 mm thick tabletop mattress is made of SFC multilayer material and is comfortable for patients, which is especially important during long operations
  • It is possible to install the "autodrive" function for motorized movement of the entire table.

Electro-hydraulic adjustments

  • Tabletop lift height 594-1056 mm
  • Trendelenburg / Anti-Trendelenburg +30°/-30°
  • Lateral tilt - 20°
  • Back section tilt +80°/-40°
  • Leg section tilt +10°/-90°
  • Longitudinal shift 230/460 mm
  • Maximum patient weight 450 kg

Mechanical adjustments

  • Back section tilt +90°/-45°
  • Head section tilt +45°/-45°

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