Automatic infusion system B Braun Infusomat Space

Automatic infusion system (infusomat) B. Brown Space is a Modular system for the introduction of drugs to patients with convenient control and a library of up to 1200 drugs. The device is suitable for intermittent or continuous administration of drugs to adults and children of any age.


  • Device type CF, with defibrillation protection, working unit: peristaltic.
  • II class of protection.
  • LCD display, 74x20 mm (diagonal 3 inches) with information display: the rate of the set infusion, the volume of the set infusion, the entered volume, the type of infusion system (for infusion solutions, for enteral nutrition), etc.
  • Universal clamp for fixing on a tripod.
  • Integration into the clinic's computer network


  • When switched on, the device performs a self-test.
  • Lightweight pump (1.4 kg) and durable battery that lasts 8 hours at 25 ml/h.
  • Available Therapy Profiles: Dose Rate Calculation, Dose
  • over time, ramp and taper mode, program mode,

Intermittent, PCA, TCI, TIVA, KVO and Piggyback

  • Anti Free-Flow mechanism protecting
  • anti-free drug flow
  • A drug library with a capacity of up to 1200 drugs, including therapy data, information for up to 10 concentrations per drug, is stored in 30 different categories. Drug information can be divided into 50 blocks and up to 16 patient profiles.


Automatic dose calculation via volume and time

Dose calculation:

  • Automatic calculation of infusion rate in ml/h based on the given drug concentration together with the required dosage (eg ml/kg/min).

List of medicines:

  • Up to 1200 drugs with infusion parameters and general data, distributed in 30 categories.
  • Set hard and soft limits along with default values.

User interface:

  • Unified intuitive interface.
  • The control menu and navigation buttons focus the user's attention on the screen when setting up / entering data.

Security concept

  • Free flow interrupters on the pump and on the infusion set provide maximum protection against free flow of fluid when the door is opened or the system is changed.
  • Automatic bolus rate reduction when a pressure alarm is triggered.
  • Optional inlet pressure sensor for occlusion detection.
  • Two levels of data blocking.
  • When an alarm occurs, the LED indicator lights up and a message is displayed on the screen.
  • Acoustic alarms can be prioritized for individual drugs.

Visual and Audible alarm indicators:

  • the end of the infusion, the transition to work from the built-in battery;
  • the appearance of air bubbles in the system for infusion;
  • empty tank;
  • occlusion;
  • change in charging (discharging) of the battery close to 0;
  • installation (work) error;
  • alarm indicator;
  • indication of violation (change) of the power source;


  • Calibration of the pump for the infusion system, by adjusting the parameter;
  • Saving in memory settings up to 5 infusion systems;
  • Patient identification number;
  • Ability to view the current pressure in the system;
  • Change of speed with/without stopping the infusion;
  • Calculation of speed by volume and time;
  • Mode "Open vein": Adjustment and shutdown;
  • When using special systems, the function of the pump for enteral nutrition;
  • Control system to protect against free flow (at least 2) built into the pump and into the system;
  • Number of sensors for pressure control: at the inlet and outlet 1 each (2 in total);
  • Number of levels of occlusal pressure - 9 levels: from 225 to 900 mmHg
  • Infusion error - for 96 hours 5%
  • Infusion rate setting range - 0.1 – 1200 ml/h )
  • The minimum step of the set infusion - 0.1 ml / h
  • Ultrasonic air sensor - 0.01 ml air bubble detection, calibratable (air bubble detection ≥0.01 ml)
  • Calibration of the sensitivity level of the air sensor - yes
  • Occlusion sensor - yes
  • The range of the set level of occlusion - 0.3 (low) 0.7 (medium) 1.2 (high) bar
  • Battery type - NiMH
  • Battery life - up to 6 hours
  • Weight - 1.4kg
  • Dimensions - 214 x 68 x 124 mm

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