Наркозно-дыхательный аппарат GE Avance CS2 Pro


Anesthesia-respiratory machine GE Avance CS2 Pro

A professional and versatile device that will become a serious factor in improving the work of your medical center. Various modes of artificial ventilation are complemented by modern technological solutions and improved ergonomics of the device. The package of the General Electric Avance CS2 Pro anesthesia machine includes a special color display with touch control, two-level illumination of the working surface for more convenient work for the doctor, as well as the ability to install various additional modules according to the current needs of the system operator.


Constant monitoring of the patient's vital signs (curves: Paw, Flow (or AA), CO2, numerical and graphical trends, TV & MV spirometry function, FiO2 (optional)).
Possibility of various options for completing gas modules.
Fan with large high contrast color display.
Unique breathing system (ABS) for low-flow anesthesia. The system has a minimum number of connections, is simple and easy to maintain, autoclavable at 134 °C.
The volume of the respiratory system is about two liters, which allows the anesthesiologist to almost instantly respond to changes in the patient's condition and significantly reduces the consumption of expensive inhalation anesthetics.
Support for all major ventilation modes: VCV/PCV (volume controlled ventilation with tidal volume/pressure compensation), SIMV–VC, SIMV-PC.
The unique PSV Pro mode (Pressure Support / Option) provides pressure support, in case of apnea the patient switches to the previous ventilation mode, the most comfortable for the patient.
The built-in accumulator provides an autonomous mode of work from 30 minutes.

Benefits for doctors:

Movable monitor mount for indoor and outdoor placement.
Possibility of installation of two evaporators.
Two-level illumination of a working surface.
Anti-glare touchscreen 15-inch display.

Benefits for patients:

Mechanical ventilation and assisted ventilation modes including synchronized PCV-VG mode with pressure support (SIMV PCVVG) and minimum rate ventilation mode (CPAP+PSV).

  • 15" touchscreen color monitor with anti-reflective coating
  • Ability to display any necessary information and current data
  • Movable display mount to change interior and exterior layout
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly design
  • Wide work surface with two-level lighting
  • Function of installation of two evaporators
  • Manual ventilation mode
  • Synchronized ventilation mode PCV-VG
  • Synchronized ventilation mode with pressure support SIMV PCV-VG
  • Minimum rate ventilation mode CPAP+PSV
  • High precision in low-flow anesthesia
  • Increased patient safety by reducing the risk of unwanted leaks and device disconnection
  • Function of equipping with built-in gas analysis modules
  • Patient monitor overlay for access to a full range of parameters, including monitoring of respiratory gases, hemodynamic parameters and the adequacy of the anesthesia process
  • Efficient and safe cable management system

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