Наркозно-дыхательный аппарат Mindray Wato EX-65 New

Anesthesia-respiratory apparatus Mindray Wato EX-65

High-tech and ergonomic system from Mindray. It has an intelligent ventilation system and advanced monitoring capabilities. A cleaner and easier to use interface that will reduce the number of operations with the anesthesia machine and allow you to pay closer attention to the patient, rather than the operation of the machine itself. Suitable for newborns, children and adults. Thanks to its modular configuration, it can be easily upgraded. The product has an ergonomic body and thoughtful design, which will make working on it comfortable not only for the subject, but also for the doctor. The device provides informative monitoring with the possibility of monitoring the bispectral index (BIS) - optionally, which will reduce the risk of intraoperative awakening of the patient. With state-of-the-art technology for analyzing anesthesia processes, Mindray Wato EX-65 contributes to the safety of all patients, and the ventilator supports up to seven ventilation modes. The highest accuracy of gas supply is achieved through innovative technologies implemented in their models.

Features and functions

  • 2 flow sensors that control the dynamic compensation for the fresh gas mixture and guarantee the accuracy of the TO;
  • The device detects early changes in the state of breathing of patients with constant monitoring of the spirometry loop;
  • For low-flow anesthesia, there is a breathing circuit (2.6 L) that provides a quick response and immediately assesses the patient's condition;
  • The circuit has a heating element that will prevent moisture condensation and effectively heat the gas mixture to prevent temperature drop;
  • When the machine is powered off, you can see the total gas flow with an additional mechanical tube;
  • For the convenience of the doctor's work, the anesthesia and respiratory apparatus has a backlight, a large retractable desktop and several drawers;
  • Has rails for mounting and sockets for connecting an additional BeneView monitor;
  • The gas multi-component module does not require adjustment and analyzes the parameters of the respiratory cycle: FiO2, EtO2, CO2, N2O, 5 anesthetics and BIS;
  • Aspirator can be installed, which is regulated by medical personnel and can be located in a well-thought-out place (optional);
  • The new software takes into account the consumption of anesthetic and will help you correctly determine the ratio of gas to the drug, which will allow you to work economically;
  • Ventilation modes: VCV (volume controlled ventilation), PCV (pressure controlled ventilation), PCV-VG (option), SIMV (PSV) – option, PSV with Apnea (with I:E setting) – option, PSV- CPAP (option);
  • Thanks to advanced monitoring, up to 3 curves and spirometry loops are displayed simultaneously;
  • For precise delivery of PEEP, the WATO EX-65 is equipped with a PEEP regulator to prevent atelectasis. Pressure is electronically measured and displayed on the screen as a diagram for a clear observation of the state of the patient's VL;
  • Provides gas supply O2, O2+N2O, O2+N2O+air, O2+air;
  • Optionally, there is a mount for reserve cylinders;
  • In the event of a power failure in the hospital, will run on internal batteries (1 or 2) for up to 4 hours;
  • To prolong the service life and save the energy of the medical institution, if the device is not used for a short time, it can be put into standby mode;
  • Additional (optional) monitoring of etCO2, anesthetic gases, BIS, oxygen analyzer, oxygen line and P-V, F-V, F-P loops.
  • Weight - 120 kg
  • Dimensions mm - 1350x700x610 (without breathing circuit), 1350x950x610 (with breathing circuit)
  • Monitor - Touchscreen, 10/12”
  • Brightness - Adjustable
  • Resolution - 800x600
  • Ventilation modes - Up to 7
  • Tidal volume - From 20 ml
  • Internal battery - up to 1.3 hours with 1 battery, up to 4 hours with 2 batteries
  • Anesthetic and EtCO2 monitoring - Available as an option
  • Gas removal - optional
  • Construction - Modular
  • Work table - Pull out
  • Evaporators - Up to 5
  • VGA connector - yes
  • Display - 12
  • Full data management with touch screen trending Yes
  • Monitoring of anesthetic gases on the built-in monitor - Yes
  • Manual ventilation - Yes
  • Auto Loop Test for Leakage and Resistance - Yes
  • Device class - High

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