Наркозно-дыхательный аппарат Mindray Wato EX-55

Anesthesia-respiratory apparatus Mindray Wato EX-55

Modern anesthesia machine for general anesthesia during surgical interventions, equipped with a high-resolution touch display, CO2 gas monitoring technology, built-in Li-Ion battery, as well as a perfect aspiration system. This device meets all the clinical and professional requirements of specialists, allowing it to serve all patients: not only adults, but also adolescents, children and newborns. WATO EX-55 features reduced water condensation inside the breathing circuit, made possible by the heated module. The CO2 absorber canister is equipped with a bypass valve that allows the anesthetist to easily change the soda lime without interrupting the ventilation.


  • 8.4 inch LCD touch display for quick display of graphic and text data.
  • Individual settings, with the help of which it is convenient for a specialist to track indicators.
  • Long (up to 2 hours) work offline due to a powerful lithium battery.
  • Possibility to monitor the patient's condition indicators outside the operating room.
  • Ergonomic, thoughtful design.
  • Adjustable tidal volume from 20 ml.
  • Tidal volume control in automatic mode.
  • The heated breathing circuit helps to reduce the formation of condensate inside the circuit.
  • Anesthesia waste gas aspiration device makes the workstation as safe as possible for both patient and staff

The main ventilation modes of the apparatus:

  • synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV) mode,
  • self-ventilation mode,
  • ventilation mode with pressure control and guaranteed volume (PCV-VG),
  • manual mode,
  • pressure controlled mode (PCV),
  • volume-controlled ventilation modes (VCV),
  • pressure support ventilation (PSV).
  • Battery for autonomous work - Li-Ion battery
  • Rotameter - to control the flow of gas when the power is turned off
  • Canister with CO2 absorber - With special bypass valve
  • Dynamic compensation - for fresh gas mixture
  • Electronic user manual - yes
  • CO2 gas monitoring technology - yes
  • Electronic gas flow meter - yes
  • Mode of remote control of the anesthesia process and the patient's condition - yes
  • Breathing circuit with heating function - yes
  • System of aspiration of the fulfilled anesthetic gases - is
  • Device class - High
  • Battery life - 120 minutes
  • Respiratory volume - 20 -1500 ml.
  • Oxygen flow - 0 - 75 l/min
  • Gas supply - O2, O2 + N2O, O2 + N2O + air, O2 + air
  • Positions for evaporators - 2
  • Evaporator Mount - Selectatec
  • Monitoring of anesthetics - Yes
  • Data View - Up to 24 hours of trending data
  • Monitoring of paramagnetic oxygen - Yes


  • halothane
  • isoflurane
  • sevoflurane
  • desflurane
  • enflurane

Categories of patients

  • adults
  • children
  • adolescent patients
  • newborns

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