Наркозно-дыхательный аппарат Mindray Wato EX-35 New

Anesthesia-respiratory machine Mindray Wato EX-35 New

A device with a large 10.4-inch touchscreen display with instant access to any settings, which will facilitate and speed up the work of medical staff. The ventilation settings on the EX-35 are now easier than on previous Mindray units. Suitable for interacting with children and adults. The introduction of an innovative option - smart alarms - made it possible to provide full access to data for emergency alerts to quickly notify medical personnel of critical situations. Thanks to improved performance, the product has been equipped with a huge set of functions and options that will ensure safety during procedures: now it will independently detect up to 5 gas anesthetics and N2O using an automated system, there is a built-in ventilator with many modes, a unique mode with change (switching) supply of a gas mixture, which guarantees continuous IVL.


  • DO (tidal volume);
  • O2 concentration;
  • Measures airway pressure;
  • NPV (measures the level of respiratory rate);
  • IOC;
  • PEEP.

Features and functions

  • Clinical case: 6 different ways of ventilation;
  • Gas mixture and minimum up to 20 ml - dynamic compensation is carried out;
  • It is used in the treatment of different groups of patients; children and adults, newborns;
  • The breathing circuit (2.6 l) of compact dimensions will be convenient even for low-flow anesthesia;
  • Availability of CO2 bypass function for additional safety;
  • The standard configuration has 2 positions for vaporizers, as well as a choice of up to 5 anesthetics with compensation for T, flow rate and P;
  • Thanks to Artema technology, the gas analyzer module detects anesthetics and O2, N2O, CO2. Along with this, the MAC is determined. And all the necessary indicators are displayed;
  • The WATO EX-35 new anesthesia machine has an intelligent alarm system, and will provide complete and clear information;
  • The breathing circuit can be quickly cleared;
  • When anesthetic is administered, the adsorbent is quickly replaced thanks to the quick-release absorbent canister with CO2 bypass shunt;
  • Convenience for the doctor: the workplace for the anesthetist is illuminated, has a second surface for work and convenient arrangement of objects and an additional drawer;
  • The EX-35 new model has a pneumatic drive and an electronic control that is easily accessible for training;
  • Interface with tips for medical staff;
  • Providing different modes thanks to the built-in multi-mode ventilator;
  • The presence of wheels on the device will ensure easy and quick movement if necessary;
  • A working surface with a large space for the doctor to keep all the necessary records, place drugs and the necessary additional equipment;
  • Footrest to make work more comfortable.

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