Наркозно-дыхательный аппарат Mindray Wato EX-30

Anesthesia-respiratory apparatus Mindray Wato EX-30

The anesthesia machines of the WATO EX-30 series are suitable for general anesthesia during surgery on a wide range of patients, both adults and children. The WATO series features stable and reliable operation, improved safety performance and user-friendly user interface. The series devices are equipped with basic monitoring functions. The color LCD display provides up to 3 waveforms for "Paw" (PWR), "TVe" (DOV), "MV" (MV), "Ppeak" (Dpeak), "Pmean" (Pmean), and also parallel display of pressure and flow graphs. Extensive Data Viewing: Up to 24 hours of trending data per alarm episode.


  • Maintaining 5 different modes of the ventilator;
  • Selection of the desired individual tidal volume for patients of different ages;
  • High control of set parameters for the supply of respiratory mixture using three flow sensors;
  • Intuitive interface, different ways to configure the device.
  • The compact breathing circuit is easy to dismantle, clean and autoclave;
  • Spare batteries capable of providing autonomous operation of the device for 2.5 hours;
  • Compact dimensions of the entire device with the possibility of its use in a small space;
  • Anesthesia-respiratory machine with TFT color display (diagonal 8.4 inches);
  • The screen displays all key parameters and graphs, as well as a message confirming the readiness of the breathing circuit;
  • Simple processing system (integrated breathing system);
  • The battery is rated for 90 minutes of continuous use;
  • This device is easily combined with bedside patient monitors of this brand;
  • The possibility of autoclaving the circuit at 124 degrees C;
  • A message appears on the screen about the correct installation of the breathing circuit;
  • Intuitively easy parameter setting;
  • Ventilation with volume control (VCV) and pressure control (PCV), synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV), manual mode;
  • Minimum DO from 40 ml.
  • Color TFT 8.4 inches - Resolution 800x600.
  • Dimensions and weight - 1375 x 880 (with breathing circuit) x 620 (mm), 120 kg
  • Alarm settings Tidal volume - High - 5-1600ml, Low - 0-1595ml, Minute volume - High - 0.2-100L, Low - 0-99L, Inhaled oxygen content - High - 20-100% , low - 18-98%, airway pressure - Low - 0-98 cm H2O, high 2-100 cm H2O.
  • Fan - electronically controlled and pneumatically controlled
  • Tidal volume - 40-1500 ml.
  • Airway pressure limit - 10-100 cm H2O (step 1 cm H2O)
  • Operating conditions - Mains AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, temperature 10-40°C, humidity 15-95% (non-condensing)
  • Classic flowmeters - O2, N2O and air.


  • 20-100 ml (step 5 ml)
  • 100-300 ml (step 10ml)
  • 300-1500 ml (step 25ml)


  • enflurane
  • isoflurane
  • sevoflurane
  • halothane
  • desflurane

Trigger Sensitivity for SIMV Mode

  • 0.5-15 L/min (step - 0.5L/min)
  • 20-1L/min (step - 5% SIMV)

Breathing rate

  • 4-100 breaths/min. (step 1 breath/min.) for VCV, P-mode
  • 4-60 breaths/min. (step 1 breath/min.) for SIMV

Other characteristics

  • Ventilation modes - VCV, PCV, SIMV, P-mode and manual.
  • Positive end-expiratory pressure - OFF, 4-30 cm H2O (1 cm H2O step)
  • Three waveform display pressure, flow, volume, CO2 option
  • Tidal volume - 40-1500 ml (VCV mode)
  • Inlet air pressure - 2.8-6 Atm.
  • Inspiratory pause - OFF, 5%-60% of inspiratory time (5% step)
  • Memory - Calculated for 24 hours of all Paw, TVe, MV, Ppeak, Pmean, Pplat, Rate and FiO2, EtCO2 options (5s resolution)
  • The ratio of inhalation / exhalation - 4:1 - 1:8 (step - 0.5)

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