Наркозно-дыхательный аппарат Mindray Wato EX-20

Anesthesia-respiratory apparatus Mindray Wato EX-20

The WATO EX-20 series is suitable for general anesthesia during surgery on a wide range of patients, both adults and children. The WATO series features stable and reliable operation, improved safety performance and user-friendly user interface. The series devices are equipped with basic monitoring functions. The color LCD display provides up to 3 waveforms for "Paw" (PWR), "TVe" (DOV), "MV" (MV), "Ppeak" (Dpeak), "Pmean" (Pmean), and also parallel display of pressure and flow graphs. The device also features reduced formation of water condensate inside the breathing circuit, which is made possible by the heated module. The CO2 absorber canister is equipped with a bypass valve that allows the anesthetist to easily change the soda lime without interrupting the ventilation.


  • The ability to see the information displayed on the display at a remote distance
  • Hint interface
  • Possibility to install up to two evaporators
  • Use of dual mechanical type rotameters specifically for low-flow anesthesia
  • Ability to control the total gas flow (including when the power is turned off)
  • Possibility to use 5 ventilation modes
  • Ability to work with different age groups of patients due to the range of tidal volume
  • Fast response capability (for low-flow anesthesia)
  • Full safety is achieved through the system of active aspiration of waste anesthetic gases
  • A message is displayed on the screen indicating that the CO2 container has been correctly installed and the breathing circuit has been assembled.
  • Possibility of using an electronically controlled pneumatic fan
  • Compatible with brand-name patient monitors

Universal monitor

Any Mindray patient monitor can be used with the WATO EX-20:

  • MEC Series
  • iMEC 8/10/12
  • iPM 8/10/12
  • Beneview T Series
  • Weight (without evaporator and cylinder) - 120 kg
  • Dimensions - 1375mm(H)X880mm(W)X620mm(D)
  • Power supply - 100-240 V
  • Spare battery - Up to 150 min
  • Fan - Pneumatic drive and electronic control
  • Ventilation mode - VCV/P-mode/Spont/Manual
  • Tidal volume - 40–1500 ml ( VC V )
  • Inspiratory flow - 1–100 l/min
  • Emergency oxygen supply - 25–75 L/min ACGO (auxiliary common outlet)
  • Oxygen Sensor - Standard
  • Canister for carbon dioxide - 1.5 l
  • Gas supply - O2, O2+N2O, O2+N2O+air
  • Spare cylinder clamps - 2 or 4 clamps
  • Evaporator position - 1 or 2
  • Evaporator installation system - Selectatec, lock connection
  • Monitor parameters - Tidal volume, oxygen concentration, airway pressure, respiratory rate, minute volume, PEEP (PEEP)
  • Alarm - Low airway pressure, high airway pressure, oxygen failure alarm, apnea alarm, respiratory rate alarm, oxygen concentration
  • Anesthetic gas removal system - Passive is standard, active is optional
  • Drawers - 2

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