Наркозно-дыхательный аппарат GE Healthcare Carestation 650


Anesthesia-respiratory machine GE Healthcare Carestation 650

A reliable and professional solution for anesthesia, equipped with intelligent options that make daily work easier and help manage emergency situations. Optimize your workspace with large work surfaces, a folding worktable and spacious drawers. GE is committed to creating innovative anesthesia solutions that balance user interface design with intelligence to help clinicians prevent misuse of integrated medical systems and medical errors. The Carestation 650 offers the smart tools to simplify your daily work and ensure an efficient response to emergencies.


  • Pause gas flow procedure

The feature temporarily stops all gas flow and suspends alarms, agent delivery, and ventilation for up to 1 minute. It also helps prevent contamination of the gas stream.

  • Intelligent lighting control

Active flow controllers and auxiliary ports light up when in use. Digital gauges recognize when gas flows are paused or ACGO controls are being used. All processes are displayed on the monitor display.

  • ACGO safety mechanism

The Carestation 650 system, as in previous versions, is equipped with an ACGO port.

  • Low flow anesthesia for best results

The ecoFLOW display option can help clinicians reduce the risk of hypoxic mixtures by helping to reduce the use of agents by using low and minimal flows while monitoring gas continuously.

Convenience and optimization

  • Variety of customizable mounts for mounting patient monitors and accessories.
  • The wheels have central and rear brakes, which ensures the stability of the system.
  • Large work surfaces, spacious drawers, two-level surface lighting, which helps to optimize the workspace.
  • Display, ″15
  • Device class - High
  • Monitoring of anesthetic gases on the built-in monitor - Yes
  • Full data management with touch screen trending Yes
  • Device drive - Pneumatic drive
  • Fan drive - Electric
  • Rotameters - Electronic
  • Overall dimensions - 1350 x 825 x 750 mm
  • Tidal volume 20-1500 ml.
  • Ventilation modes
  • VCV- (Volume Controlled Ventilation with Tidal Volume Compensation)
  • PCV (Pressure Controlled Ventilation)
  • PCV-VG (Volume Guaranteed Pressure Controlled Ventilation)
  • SIMV (Volume and Pressure Controlled Synchronized Intermittent Ventilation)
  • PSVPro™ (apnea assisted mechanical ventilation)
  • CPAP + PSV (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure + Pressure Support)
  • SIMV PCV-VG (Timed Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation with Pressure Control and Volume Guarantee)

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