Наркозно-дыхательный аппарат GE Healthcare Carestation 620


Anesthesia-respiratory machine GE Healthcare Carestation 620

A compact, affordable and easy-to-use anesthesia system that delivers efficient, accurate and reliable anesthesia care. 15-inch screen with fast touch controls and direct access to functions without going to the additional menu. Designed with agility in mind, the Carestation 620 Anesthesia Machine combines cutting-edge technology and attractive design in a compact, easy-to-carry system that can be moved wherever you need it. In an OR environment, the compact Carestation 620 NDA is the best fit for space constraints, while offering a beautiful design and spaciousness.


  • 15" screen with fast touch controls
  • Direct access to functions without going to the additional menu.
  • Easily configurable screen
  • Simplified access to special functions, grouped in the corresponding menu.
  • Intuitive Navigation

Single user interface

  • The Carestation 620 features a single CARESCAPE user interface, already familiar from ventilators and patient monitors, reducing training time and reducing the risk of errors.

APL and switch

  • The main controls are located at your fingertips, which allows you to speed up operations, relieve stress and avoid awkward positions during operation.

Interactive System Check

  • The daily verification process is simple, fast and accurate. The screen shows the steps to be performed.

Respiratory system cassette

  • The breathing system can be easily removed without the use of special tools. The minimum number of components that require cleaning, which allows you to meet strict hygiene standards.
  • Automatic lighting of all data flow controls will highlight the information on the active controls. A clear indication of the next step will help to avoid wrong actions.
  • Automatic activation of the patient state when switching from manual to automatic ventilation. Visible and clear standby message displayed on the screen.
  • The ACGO port (auxiliary fresh gas outlet) is equipped with a cap to prevent misconnection. When ACGO is turned on, the corresponding screen is automatically activated, which clearly shows which port is being used. As long as ACGO is on, a warning light will be displayed on the screen.
  • Gassing warning
  • The signal displayed on the screen warns the personnel that the purge gas flow exceeds the specified range. This will help detect improper outgassing.
  • Breathing system ABS (2.7 l).
  • Fan 7900 ventilation modes (PCV, VCV, SIMV(PCV, VCV), PSVpro, PCV-VG).
  • Display 15 inches touch-screen.
  • Electronic flowmeters.
  • Built-in sCAIO gas analysis (sampling rate 120ml/min - suitable for all patient groups including neonates).
  • EcoFlow function - display of the recommended flow level to achieve the set FiO2 value in order to reduce the consumption of anesthetic. Display of anesthetic flow rate ml/hour (or USD/hour)
  • It is possible to complete the device with the Cardiac ByPass function for patients on AIC (option).
  • Automated and manual alveolar opening maneuver.

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