Наркозно-дыхательный аппарат GE Carestation 620 (SCAIO)


Anesthesia-respiratory apparatus GE Carestation 620 (SCAIO)

Every single component of the Carestation 600 line of anesthesia machines has been tested under severe conditions for further refinement and verification. Thus, systematic serious tests of the design were carried out, checks, as a result of which
new methods to enhance the reliability of equipment; for example, load testing on software and hardware to recreate extreme operating conditions.
- 15 inch screen with fast touch controls. Direct access to functions without going to the additional menu. Easily configurable screen. Simplified access to special functions, grouped in the corresponding menu.
- Carestation 620 has a single CARESCAPE user interface, already familiar from ventilators and patient monitors, which reduces training time and reduces the risk of errors.
- The main controls are located at your fingertips, which allows you to speed up operations and prevent tension and discomfort during operation.
- The daily verification process is simple, fast and accurate. The screen shows the steps to be performed.
- The breathing system can be easily removed without the use of special tools. Cleaning requires a minimum number of components, which allows you to meet strict hygiene standards.
1. ABS breathing system (2.7L)
2. Fan 7900 ventilation modes (PCV, VCV, SIMV(PCV, VCV), PSVpro, PCV-VG)
3. Display 15 inch touch-screen
4. Electronic flow meters
5.Built-in sCAIO gas analysis (sampling rate 120ml/min - suitable for all patient groups including neonates)
6. EcoFlow function - display of the recommended flow level to achieve the set FiO2 value in order to reduce the consumption of anesthetic. Display of anesthetic flow rate ml/hour (or USD/hour)
7. It is possible to equip the device with the Cardiac ByPass function for patients on AIC (option)
8.Automated and manual alveoli opening maneuver

Main advantages

  • Configuration. The Carestation 620 anesthesia machine comes with a mobile platform on wheels that includes monitor holders, a folding table, three drawers, a breathing cassette and lighting. Provides the ability to work with three types of gases (O2, air, NO2). Tubes and cables are fixed with holders, compactly placed along the body. The modes of anesthesia and respiratory equipment are controlled using a touch screen, the appearance and functionality of which can be customized.
  • Scope of application. Allows you to perform operations of varying complexity, work with adults and children. A number of algorithms for supplying an air mixture (including semi-closed and semi-open circuits), monitoring the condition of patients with displaying readings on the screen, flowmeters with digital indication. The anesthesia machine Carestation 620 is used to equip operating rooms, treatment rooms, intensive care units and intensive care units.
  • Error protection and diagnostics. Anesthesia equipment includes an ACGO port synchronized with an alert program. If the breathing tubes are connected incorrectly, a warning signal appears on the screen. The visibility of the controls, regardless of the surrounding conditions, provides illumination. The daily performance check of the anesthesia machine (all its electronic and mechanical components) is carried out according to a clear algorithm, accompanied by the appearance and change of information messages on the screen. The Carestation 620 also includes a purge gas overrun warning system, protecting you from incorrectly performing the target procedure.

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