Наркозно-дыхательный аппарат GE 9100c NXT


Anesthesia-respiratory machine GE 9100c NXT

Developed by General Electric for use in both hospital operating rooms and specialized surgical centers. Reliable, easy to use, compact, light weight, maneuverable in all conditions. The 9100c includes classic Datex-Ohmeda features, including controlled ventilation and touch controls. Accurate gas supply with high ventilation quality GE Datex-Ohmeda is standard.


  • Intuitive interface provides continuous visual confirmation of lung function;
  • Easy cleaning of the device thanks to a smooth and wearproof surface;
  • The 9100°C Anesthesia Machine is the ideal solution for customers looking for a reliable, easy-to-use anesthesia system at an affordable price; classic functions of Datex-Ohmeda devices are provided, including controlled ventilation mode and touch control;
  • The built-in AvE-2 ventilator and fresh gas compensation system guarantee constant maintenance of the set anesthetic concentration;
  • The ability to control pressure provides greater patient comfort;
  • Electronic PEEP (end-of-entry positive pressure) helps prevent atelectasis and damage to the patient's lungs.


  • Pressure Controlled Ventilation: The economics of the 9100C does not mean reduced clinical benefit. 910C operates in ventilation modes with adjustable volume and pressure; The 9100C's pressure control is natural and does not limit pressure like some other systems. With the 9100C, a target pressure level is maintained for the remaining inspiratory time to improve alveolar gas exchange and oxygenation;
  • Bypass CO2. Our optional EZchange CO2 bypass system allows the absorbent cassette to be removed from the patient circuit without causing leakage in the respiratory system;
  • ABC: The Advanced Breathing Circuit (abbreviated as ABC) has a very small internal volume (2.6 liters) which, in combination with undivided fresh gas delivery, provides a very fast response time to changes in fresh gas flow or composition. Visible rising bellows constantly indicate the state of ventilation of the lungs and the adequacy of the influx of fresh gas;
  • Accurate Tidal Volume Delivery: The AVE-2 ventilator in the 9100c includes flow valve technology similar to all other General Electric anesthesia systems. The precision of this technology, combined with the fresh gas undivided compensation system, ensures consistent delivery of the target tidal volume;
  • Electronic PEEP Regulator: The role of PEEP in preventing atelectasis and reopening of the lungs is well known. The 9100c is equipped with an electronic PEEP regulator that sets and delivers an accurate PEEP level to the patient. The electronic pressure measurement and the screen for displaying the chart clearly indicate the ventilation status of the patient's lungs by respiratory cycles.
  • Fan type: pneumatic
  • Minute volume 0.1-99.9 l/min
  • Tidal volume in modes with a volume of 20-1500 ml
  • Tidal volume in pressure modes 5-1500 ml
  • Inspiratory pressure (Pin) 5-60 cm of water st.
  • Peak inspiratory pressure 12-100 cm of water st. (Pmax)
  • Support pressure range 2-40 cm w.c. (Psupport)
  • Respiration rate 4-100 per minute
  • Inhale/exhale ratio 2:1-1:8
  • Controlled flow trigger 0.2-10 l/min
  • Inspiratory time 0.2-5 sec
  • Inspiratory Completion Rate 5-75%
  • Inspiratory pause 5-60% of inspiratory time
  • Electronically controlled PEEP 4-30 cm of water Art.
  • Possibility of exclusion of PEEP
  • Peak gas flow 120 l/min

Value monitoring

  • Tidal volume 1-9999 ml Minute volume 0.1-99.9 l/min
  • Percentage of oxygen 5-110%
  • The air pressure range is displayed on the screen from -20 to 120 cmH2O. Art.
  • Simultaneous display of at least three graphs on the screen in real time.
  • Loops (pressure-flow, pressure-volume, flow-volume), airway pressure graph, flow graph
  • Three trend view modes: value measurement results (in numerical form), adjustment and graphs.
  • Trending information is saved every 15 seconds for the last 24 hours, saving values ​​as graphical trends and numerical values.


  • The system checks for alarm conditions at a rate of 1 time per second.
  • Alarm priority levels with different color coding.
  • Alarm sound power level in the range from 43 to 78 dB(A) depending on the alarm volume setting.
  • Pressing the Alarm Pause button when a low priority alarm is triggered will pause the audible tone for 120 seconds, if there are no high or medium priority alarms, disable the audible tones (mute for 90 seconds).

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