Наркозно-дыхательный аппарат Draeger Zeus Infinity Empowered

Anesthesia apparatus Dräger Zeus Infinity Empowered

Ease of use and advanced customization are key benefits of the Dräger Zeus Infinity Empowered. The Zeus IE is at the forefront of modern anesthesia with its fast acceleration and easy to control workflow. The use of Dräger equipment allows you to focus on viewing the observation, and not on the operation of the station.



  • The Zeus device embodies the full technological potential of Dräger. It is a prescribed anesthetic-respiratory apparatus that allows for inhalation anesthesia through the appropriate circuits, including the completely closed one.
  • A rich choice of breathing modes and a turbine built into the respiratory system meet on the same level with the needs of advanced ventilators.
  • The Electronic Dosing System for Volatile Anesthetics (DIVA) is being implemented by practitioners in the field of Targeted Concentration Anesthesia (TCA).
  • Zeus Infinity Empowered is a powerful combination of advanced ventilation therapy and omnidirectional surveillance. Its capabilities include DIVA (Direct Injection of Volatile Anesthetics) and TIVA (General Intravenous Anesthesia), requiring convincing and effective anesthesia. Zeus IE uses features that streamline work tasks at every stage of the process.



  • The Zeus Infinity Empowered system is related to ventilation quality control.
  • The presence of a built-in turbine ventilator TurboVent 2 leads to spontaneous breathing in any mode with virtually unlimited inspiratory pressure.
  • Zeus IE can work with patients of any age and condition.

Ventilation modes:


  • VC-CMV Mandatory ventilation with volume control;
  • VC-SIMV Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation with volume limitation;
  • VC-AC Forced ventilation with trigger support and volume control;
  • VC-MMV Assisted ventilation with guaranteed minute volume;
  • PC-CMV Mandatory ventilation with pressure control;
  • PC-BIPAP / SIMV+ Biphasic airway pressure ventilation with expiratory synchronization, in which the patient can treat spontaneous breathing in any phase of the respiratory cycle;
  • PC-SIMV Synchronized intermittent air ventilation with pressure control;
  • PC-AC Forced ventilation with trigger support and pressure control;
  • PC-APRV Spontaneous increase in airway pressure with significant periods of depressurization;
  • DIVA - direct injection of inhalation anesthetics into the circulating respiratory mixture using an automatic vaporizer (DIVA module) with mechanical control;
  • TCA - inhalation anesthesia with automatic application of the required concentration in the respiratory mixture;
  • TIVA - total intravenous anesthesia. Standard intravenous infusion;
  • TCI - automatically controlled intravenous infusion with the connection of the concentration of anesthetic in the blood. Dosing calculation was carried out in accordance with the existing mechanisms of the pharmacokinetics of drugs.
  • Weight - 147 kg
  • Overall dimensions, mm - 1380x800x800
  • Power - 200 W - standard consumption. When connecting additional equipment to the built-in socket outlets, power consumption may increase up to 2.5 kW
  • Power supply - 100–240 V~, 50/60 Hz, max. current 12.4 A
  • Built-in IPB - From 30 to 90 minutes depending on the ventilation mode; Standard interface 2 x RS 232, 1 x Dräger Base (IV System);
  • Fan E-Vent plus - Electrically driven fan with electronic control
  • Maximum inspiratory pressure (Pmax) (PEEP + 10) - More than 70 hPa
  • Inspiratory pressure (Pinsp) (PEEP+5) - More than 70 hPa
  • Trigger sensitivity (Trigger) - 0.3–15 l/min
  • Tidal volume (in Volume Mode) - 20–1400 ml, 5–1400 ml with ventilation
  • Tidal volume (in Pressure Mode) - Up to 1400 ml
  • Respiratory rate (freq.) - 3-100 per minute
  • Inspiratory time (TINSP) - 0.2–6.7 sec
  • Inspiratory/expiratory ratio (I:E) max. - 5:1 to 1:99
  • Plateau time (TIP:TINSP) - 0-60%
  • Inspiratory flow max. - 150 l/min

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