Dräger Fabius GS anesthesia machine

Dräger Fabius GS anesthesia machine

The Fabius GS anesthesia device from medical device manufacturer Drager is an anesthesia device used in surgical operations. The device can be used with patients of any age. In addition, it is designed to work for all periods of the operation: preoperative, operational and postoperative. Like other models of the Fabius series, GS is, first of all, the ratio of "price / quality". Therefore, with all its characteristics, the device has become more affordable for purchase. The Fabius Plus has an E-vent piston fan that no longer needs a gas supply. E-vent is able to provide much better flow than bellows or bellows valves. The ventilation system is capable of operating in many ventilation modes with support for such parameters as volume control, pressure support and control, volume control, etc. Now the gas mixture supply in the device has become more accurate thanks to a high-precision valve and an electronic control system. Such a ventilation device prevents the formation of unwanted condensate.

Improved Security

Fabius GS provides a fairly high level of security: the system is equipped with additional features that ensure the stable operation of the device in case of unforeseen circumstances that may affect the course of a surgical operation. For example, turning on the manual ventilation mode when the power supply is turned off or when the gas supply is interrupted.

Improved ergonomics and readiness for modification

Fabius GS is designed to allow the anesthesiologist to significantly reduce the time spent on non-essential tasks and focus on the important ones. The device has additional space for storing the necessary equipment, documentation, etc. The built-in backlight provides good illumination to the workplace. In addition, the device is equipped with a trolley (wheels and brakes), which allows you to place this model exactly where you need it. The device is a modular system that can be easily upgraded if necessary. It can be either a simple modification or a full-fledged anesthesia system.


  • Independence of pneumatics from electronics in case of loss of mains and battery (for 45 min) power supply with the possibility of manual ventilation;
  • Semi-closed breathing system with the possibility of ventilation with air in the event of a gas supply interruption Compensation for the missing gas volume with air;
  • Gas supply with double rotameters for 02 and N20 and one rotameter for air (selectable 2 or 3 gases).


  • Measurement and display of the following ventilation parameters: inspiratory SpO2, respiratory rate, tidal volume, minute volume, average and peak gas pressure, PEEP, gas flow on virtual flowmeters;
  • Tidal volume 50-1400 ml;
  • Respiratory rate 4-60/min;
  • The ratio of inhalation / exhalation from 4:1 to 1:4;
  • Inspiratory pause 0-50%;
  • PEEP 0-20 cmH2O;
  • Inspiratory pressure 5-60 cmH2O, inspiratory flow 10-75 l/min;
  • Safety features: Sensitive Oxygen Ratio Controller (S-ORC) - guaranteed minimum O2 concentration of 23%; switching off N2O when supplying O2 is less than 0.2 l/min; light and sound alarm for O2 pressure drop below 1.38 bar; safety valves for +75...-2 cmH2O;
  • The optional PM8050 gas monitor provides a 10-inch electroluminescent display in graphical and digital format with data on volumes, pressure and concentration of oxygen in inhalation and exhalation, CO2 concentration in inhalation and exhalation, concentration of anesthetic inhalation and exhalation, respiratory rate and temperature of the respiratory gas with the setting alarm limits.

Режимы вентиляции

  • IPPV,
  • PCV (режим вентиляции по давлению),
  • PSV (режим вентиляции с поддержкой по давлению)
  • ручная вентиляция.


  • концентрации О2 на вдохе,
  • частоты дыхания,
  • давления в дыхательных путях (PEEP, max, min, mean)
  • минутного и дыхательного объемов.

Функции обеспечения безопасности:

  • контроль концентрации кислорода в подаваемом газе, которая не должна быть меньше 25%;
  • прекращение подачи N2O в случае прекращения или недостаточной подачи О2 (менее 0,2 л/мин.);
  • при падении давления подаваемого О2 ниже 1,38 бар на 7 секунд включается звуковой сигнал;
  • система блокировки гарантирует, что в действии находится только один испаритель анестетиков;
  • при полном отсутствии О2 аппарат продолжает вентиляцию воздухом;
  • в случае нарушения подачи электропитания и разряда батарей возможна ручная вентиляция с подачей О2 и анестетика.

Технические характеристики:

  • дыхательный объем — 20–1400 мл;
  • частота дыхания — 4–60 вдохов в минуту;
  • уровень PEEP — 0–20 смH2O;
  • отношение вдох/выдох — 1:4–4:1;
  • поток — 10–75 л/мин;
  • инспираторное давление — 5–60 см H2O;
  • предохранительный клапан давления — на 80 мбар.

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