Наркозно-дыхательный аппарат Draeger Atlan А350 А350 XL

Draeger Atlan A350/A350 XL Anesthesia-respiratory apparatus

A comprehensive feature set and proven ventilation quality make the Atlan A350/A350 X the ultimate hospital anesthesia workstation. The design of the platform allows you to place the device, including in small rooms. The device is equipped with an electronic gas mixer with automatic control of fresh gas composition.


  • Versatility

The Atlan A350 device is suitable for both neonatology departments and ordinary intensive care units. It is able to stably maintain tidal volume even in extremely low birth weight neonates and overweight adults.
The interface with many functions allows you to perform any surgical procedure.
The versatility of the model is also manifested in the flexibility of the platform. The device can be easily customized to any need and any space with a variety of mounting options (floor, wall and ceiling), additional work surfaces and systems (such as Infinity® Acute Care System, Infinity Delta XL and Dräger SmartPilot® View).

  • Safety

Patient safety during anesthesia is Drager's main focus. The screen reflects many indicators, and in combination with monitors from the brand, this provides a quick analysis of the patient's condition. The stability of the set parameters is ensured by a unique system for cutting off the fresh gas flow. RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) function is provided to confirm the correct connection of the hoses and unhindered ventilation of the patient's lungs. This system also alerts you to replace accessories when they reach the end of their useful life (such as cartridges and moisture traps). During critical situations, a specialist has full control over the system in manual mode. The A350 is able to operate autonomously for up to 2 hours when the gas supply and electricity supply are turned off.

  • Taking care of the patient's respiratory system

The device supports protective ventilation of the lungs during anesthetic procedures. It is possible to carry out anesthesia with low and minimal flow: for this, a built-in econometer is provided, which informs either about the deficit or excess of fresh gas flow. The heating system reduces the risk of condensation. Precise tidal volume delivery is provided, as well as a high trigger sensitivity that supports spontaneous breathing. The device eliminates leakage of the respiratory system and has the function of returning the gas sample. To eliminate the possibility of infection of patients, the respiratory system can be easily disassembled without tools. It has smooth and rounded surfaces on which dirt does not linger. All materials have a long service life and can be disinfected.

  • Unique interface

Anesthesia-respiratory equipment reads and outputs a large amount of information, which will take a specialist a lot of time to interpret. To speed up the assessment of the patient's condition, the Atlan line provides a tool - an econometer. It monitors the balance and consumption of gases, which allows medical staff to optimize device settings and make informed decisions. Information is also given on the use of oxygen and anesthetic by the patient. Dräger has also developed the Infinity® Acute Care System (IACS). It continuously monitors the patient's condition, all data can be transferred to the hospital-wide network (HIS). The specialist independently adjusts the viewing of the parameters he needs, by which he can evaluate the impact of a particular maneuver. Another software, SmartPilot View, automatically calculates the level of anesthesia to help you make complex clinical decisions.

  • Preservation of medical secrecy

The A350 can transmit information to the hospital-wide network online. This makes the work of doctors more convenient and saves time. To maintain cyber security, Dräger collaborates with leading IT professionals. They test the system for cyber attacks and publish useful recommendations in a timely manner.


The compact model Atlan A350 has a modification A350XL. It has 3 lockable drawers instead of 1 and has a wider base. It is not designed for ceiling and wall mounting, however, just like the Atlan A350, it can be supplemented with various systems (Such as Infinity® Acute Care System, Infinity Delta XL and Dräger SmartPilot® View).

ФункцииAtlan A350Atlan A350 XL
Тип смесителя газовэлектронный
Испарители анестетиков1-22
Подогрев дыхательной системы++
Стартовые настройки ИВЛ++
ДО в принудительных режимах ИВЛот 5 мл
Неонатальная опция++
Анализ анестезиологических газоввстроенный модуль
Сенсорный экран++
Разборка дыхательной системы без инструментов++
Полностью автоматическое самотестирование++
Ящики1 шт., с замком3 шт., 1 с замком
Консольное или настенное размещение+

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