Наркозно-дыхательный аппарат Carestation Aisys CS2


Carestation Aisys CS2 anesthesia machine

A technologically sophisticated digital anesthesia system that is both clinically advanced and intuitive. It is the result of a long work to develop high-end equipment, new technologies and advances in digital innovation. Assumptions regarding the environmental impact of anesthetics have led to increased interest in methods for the least consumption of anesthetic agents. The Aisus CS2 system is designed to enable low-flow anesthesia and reduce the consumption of volatile anesthetics. The NDA device implements a set of solutions for the implementation of low-flow anesthesia, which contains the following parts:

EcoFlow is a technology that carefully controls the anesthetic process, avoiding overspending of the anesthetic, while maintaining the desired oxygen concentration.

EcoFlow Achievements:

  • Oxygenation optimization.
  • Reducing the cost of the procedure.
  • Reducing the consumption of anesthetic.

Reliable breathing system that allows you to reach the required concentration of anesthetic 79% faster compared to similar stations provided by other manufacturers.
Stopping the gas supply for a specified period makes the temporary shutdown of the circuit safe and is carried out with one click on the button, provoking a stop of all gas flows, the introduction of anesthetic and mechanical ventilation. Simple control of this function allows you to focus on the patient.
Et Control is an innovative automatic gas delivery mode for controlling gas flow and maintaining expiratory concentrations, developed for the Aisys model. Automates the delivery of anesthetic, fresh gas mixture and total flow, maintaining anesthetic and oxygen concentration (EtO2 above 25%) setpoints regardless of changes in hemodynamics. Guaranteed entry into the circuit of the minimum required gas flows ensures patient safety. Et Control helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Digital technologies brought to life
With our patients in mind and knowing that speed of decision making is important in critical situations, we are incorporating new digital technologies into our Carestation equipment, adapting to the needs of patients.

15 inch touch screen.
Electronic evaporators of injector type, mixers, flowmeters. The perfect solution for high efficiency and control through instant response to changes and precise gas delivery. Serve the stream that is needed at the moment.
Alarm when the level of anesthetic drops.
Advanced ventilation capabilities (ICU level).
Reliable breathing system 4.95 liters.
Metal work surface, two-level illumination.
Central brake.
EndTidal Control is an innovative automatic mode of operation.
Cardiac Bypass function for manually ventilated or mechanically ventilated AIC patients (disable alarms).
Automated and manual alveolar opening maneuver.
Successful monitoring - high-quality result
The use of digitally controlled flow valves allows the ventilator of the Aisys CS2 anesthesia machine to quickly reach the set pressure and gas values, and subsequently maintain them. This feature allows for mechanical ventilation in patients requiring an individual approach - newborns and patients who are overweight. Due to the electronic control, the correct supply of gas volume and the required pressure is ensured to reduce the risks during anesthesia even in neonatal patients. Monitoring and recording changes in the patient's airway pressure or respiratory effort gives perfect control over the patient's condition.

Automated alveolar opening maneuvers
The Aisys CS2 device has technical capabilities that facilitate cyclical automated alveolar opening maneuvers with preset parameters. A ventilation system based on ICU models helps improve ventilation technique by allowing PEEP levels to be varied during mechanical ventilation.

  • built-in gas analyzer
  • electronic evaporators, flowmeters and gas mixer
  • touch screen 15 inches
  • alarm is configurable
  • monitoring of MV, TV, RR and EtCO2
  • respiratory monitor optional
  • tidal volume from 20 to 1500 ml
  • 30 minutes battery life
  • optional FiO2 monitoring
  • circuit volume approx. 2 liters

Special Features:

  • Vital Capacity and Cycling for alveolar opening maneuver
  • EcoFlow provides a graphical representation of O2 and volatile agent flows
  • EtControl for automatic gas delivery (based on pre-set end-tidal concentrations) for O2 and volatile anesthetic
  • Pause Gas - pause for all streams with alarm off
  • optional PSV Pro mode

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