Монитор пациента транспортный Mindray BeneView T5 OR


Mindray BeneView T5 OR

The monitor was designed specifically for the operating room. All information about the patient's condition is displayed on a 19-inch high-resolution display. The monitor can be connected to anesthesia and respiratory devices for information exchange. It also easily connects to the hospital's clinical information systems for continuous monitoring.

Key features:

  • High resolution touch screen patient monitor (800x600; 12.1" diagonal)
  • Ability to save 10 user configurations (up to 100 configurations on a memory card optional)
  • Ability to work in different display modes
  • Quick access to functions with a single touch on the display
  • Possibility to store up to 8 curves
  • Recognition of anesthetics automatically
  • Connecting remote displays (up to 3)
  • Connecting to a wired or wireless network

Dedicated monitor for anesthesiology

  • Anesthesia status graphical function
  • Dedicated intuitive user interface and 19" high resolution display provide excellent data visualization in the operating room
  • Fully modular design with anesthetic gas, NUT and LSI modules for maximum control over anesthesia and intubation

Monitor specially designed for the operating room

  • ECG channel protected from interference from electrosurgical equipment
  • Efficient cooling of the monitor with a heatsink does not require a redundant built-in fan, which reduces noise and dust in the operating room.

Fully compatible platform

  • The compact BeneLink module provides the ability to connect and exchange information with an anesthesia and respiratory machine
  • Embedded iView allows direct connection to hospital clinical information systems such as PACS, LIS, HIS, EMR, and more.
  • BeneView T1 ensures continuous data exchange even during patient transport
  • A barcode scanner and a printer will reduce the burden on medical staff in preparing the necessary documents
  • Compact and mobile monitoring system with wireless communication
  • 12.1" touchscreen display, resolution 800*600, digital and graphical data display
  • Quick access to functions and modes of operation with one touch
  • Support for various medical equipment, display up to 8 curves at the same time
  • Determination of ECG parameters, Resp, 2 temp, 2 IBP, NIBP, ST-segment, arrhythmias, measurement of SpO₂ data with Mindray sensors
  • Three modes: confidential, night, cardiopulmonary bypass
  • Multi-parameter module for versatile use in and out of the clinic
  • Possibility to save up to 10 custom work formats with individual settings in the system memory
  • Function of synchronization with a defibrillator
  • Gas mixture analysis module: analysis of respiratory cycles with setting the concentration of O2, CO2, N2O
  • Dose Calculator
  • Protocols for wired and wireless connection to the hospital LAN, including PACS
  • View Other Patient function for obtaining data about another patient when connected to a single monitoring center, with access to various monitors
  • 13 slots for measurement modules compatible with WATO Mindray anesthesia machines
  • Recording alarms, fragments of waveforms, NIBP readings
  • ECG channel with enhanced anti-interference for OR operation
  • Modern silent cooling system using a heatsink instead of the usual built-in fan

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