Монитор пациента Mindray iPM12


Patient Monitor Mindray iPM12

The functionality of the iPM 12 series monitors allows you to measure key physiological parameters, including NIBP, ECG, respiratory rate and temperature, and SPO₂. The modular architecture of the device involves the installation of additional devices that significantly expand the range of tasks solved with its help. A flexible monitoring system is configured in accordance with the requirements and regulations of a particular medical institution. Information from auxiliary measuring modules can be relayed in parallel to several monitors, thus becoming the basis for the implementation of clinical solutions of any complexity.

Features and Benefits

  • Functionality

The iPM12 monitor allows you to take the most commonly used measurements, including ECG, NIBP, SPO₂, temperature and respiratory rate. It is possible to install additional modules that significantly expand the functions of the device.

  • Modular, optimized design

The monitoring functions can be easily customized to meet the specific requirements of a particular healthcare facility. Also, the modular design allows you to expand the functionality of the device. Additional measurement modules can be used for multiple monitors, allowing for flexible and efficient clinical solutions.

  • User-friendly interface and ergonomic design

Mindray iPM 12 is very easy to use. All functions are easily accessible with one click. The 12” color screen displays all the necessary information, both completely and selectively. Visual alarm indicators have a 360 degree view. Customizable user modes reduce procedure times and improve overall patient care.

  • Ability to connect to a central monitoring system

With wired and wireless connectivity to Mindray's central monitoring system, all patient data can be conveniently viewed from both the nurse's station and any networked bedside monitor.

  • Mobility

Due to its compact size, light weight and built-in lithium-ion battery, the iPM 12 patient monitor can be used for the needs of mobile medicine.

Measured parameters

  • ECG (3/5 leads + arrhythmia analysis + ST)
  • 12-lead configuration + arrhythmia analysis + ST + interpretation possible
  • Breathing rate
  • Non-invasive blood pressure measurement
  • Heart rate
  • SPO2
  • Temperature (2 channels)
  • Work with any groups of patients

Data storage

  • 120 hours of tabular and graphical trends
  • 48 hours of full view waveform recording
  • 1000 NIBP measurements
  • 100 alarm episodes
  • 100 episodes of arrhythmia
  • up to 4 hours of continuous operation

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