Монитор пациента Mindray ePM10


Monitors Mindray ePM10

The Mindray ePM 10 Expert Class Patient Monitor from Mindray was created based on the clinical experience of specialists around the world. High quality imaging, intelligent operating system, accurate physiological measurements, upgradeability and smooth workflow are what distinguish this device. The device is perfect for equipping emergency departments, postoperative and general therapy wards.


  • The main feature of this line of patient monitors is the screen. It has a diagonal of 10 inches. Supports multi-touch function for easy control, and the viewing angle is increased to 170 degrees. The brightness level of the screen is adjusted automatically, adjusting to the lighting in the room;
  • The design does not include a built-in fan, which significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination;
  • Robust and reliable housing that can be cleaned with most disinfectants;
  • Thanks to the built-in handle, the devices are easy to transport.

Improved monitoring system

  • The monitor takes into account a wide range of parameters: ECG in 3.5 and 12 leads (with analysis of ST and QT segments), respiration, blood oxygen saturation, temperature and NIBP;
  • Provides a fast and accurate NIBP monitoring method that has been validated by the British Hypertension Society (BHS);
  • Often patients of moderate severity are able to move independently, which affects the accuracy of the monitors. The wide measurement range and anti-interference capabilities of the ePM 10 Series monitors ensure exceptionally accurate and reliable results;
  • The ePM range provides advanced options for 2-channel invasive blood pressure, EtCo2, and cardiac output measurements, making it suitable for a wide range of clinical settings.
  • Expanded data storage for patient monitoring and events.


  • The intelligent operating system is easy to use due to the similarity with a conventional tablet computer. Shortcuts can be configured for easy access to key functions. The system quickly detects incorrect sensor connections using AlarmSight technology;
  • The ePM Series features innovative CrozFusion technology. It simultaneously analyzes SpO2 and ECG plethysmogram curves - this allows you to reduce the frequency of arrhythmia false signals by 50% and increase the accuracy of heart rate measurement by 30%.
  • Monitors are widely used in the field of neonatology. Thanks to Clinical Assistive Applications, the specialist can safely and effectively make decisions in intensive care and general care;
  • Also in the field of neonatology, an intuitive control panel for the SpO2 target value helps. It reduces the risk of over-oxygenation. Daily monitoring of blood oxygen saturation statistics is necessary to monitor the effect of the treatment. Also pre-installed is the function of effective identification of apnea in preterm infants. Detailed and complete records of events allow you to quickly determine the cause of deviations;
  • All devices from Mindray can transmit data to the central monitoring station. This allows you to store various patient data in one place. The specialist can access information at any time using a PC or mobile phone to keep abreast of events.
  • Mains frequency, Hz 50-60
  • Device class - Medium
  • Battery - built-in
  • Transportation - Carry handle
  • Alarm system - Yes
  • Device weight - main unit no more than 3.2 kg
  • Battery life - Up to 6 hours
  • Dimensions, mm 271 x 226 x 173
  • Screen diagonal (in inches) - 10
  • Establishing communication with the central monitoring system Wired and wireless
  • Barcode Scanner - JADAK 2D
  • Data retention for trends, alarms, events and 48 hours of full disclosure.
  • Wireless monitor - yes
  • Additional monitoring - ST and QT / QTc
  • Standard waveforms - 8 waveforms
  • Optional Module - Sidestream or Microstream® CO2
  • Integrated parameters - ECG in 3, 5 leads, Masimo SET® SpO2, NIBP, respiration, temperature
  • Arrhythmia analysis with atrial fibrillation standard (Afib) yes
  • Integrated HL7 and DIAP communication protocol for EMR interface - yes

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