Монитор пациента Mindray BeneVision N15

Patient Monitor Mindray BeneVision N15

BeneVision N Series patient monitors provide a clear, full color, widescreen image that allows the user to instantly get the information they need, while multi-touch controls make it quick and easy to control the monitor and view patient data. BeneVision N15 gives the doctor the ability to instantly receive information about vital signs. The device supports the HL17 standard, so it can be directly connected to the hospital network. Thanks to this, all diagnostic data is always available to the staff and entered into the patient's medical record. With support for dedicated clinical applications, you can use the patient monitor in any office or hospital room in your clinic. BoA Dashboard will help you in the operating room, HemoSight and SepsisSight will help you get complex data in the intensive care unit, and the EWS early warning system will react in time to possible problems after installing the system near the bed. At the same time, the main purpose of the device is to monitor all possible parameters of the patient's vital activity, and the device copes with this optimally. Of particular interest is the fact that BeneVision N15 includes support for ventilators. It is capable of assessing ventilation quality and metabolism, uses volumetric capnography, and can provide the accurate data needed for initial ventilator selection and progressive weaning. The 15” high-resolution touch display is used both for displaying information and for detailed setting of operating modes. The device can be combined with the central monitoring system and the clinic's local network.


  • The BeneVision N Series patient monitors offer the world's best monitoring technologies, coupled with new applications that continue to be developed;
  • The ideal solution for hemodynamic monitoring provides not only a wide range of measurement methods, such as ICG (IKG), PiCCO, ScvO2, CO, but also a comprehensive analysis tool - HemoSightTM, providing a focus on the patient's hemodynamic state and complete tools for each stage of therapy;
  • Extended modular measurement of regional tissue oxygenation - INVOS rSO2;
  • Volumetric capnography and metabolic assessment help to assess the quality of ventilation and choose the optimal settings for the ventilator, as well as improve the safety of patient weaning from the ventilator and extubation;
  • Universal Clinical Applications (CAA) help you make fast, effective decisions. Each CAA application is focused on important clinical process challenges faced by different hospital departments.
  • Optimization for each department
  • In every department (ICU, CPR, neonatal intensive care, operating room, wake-up room, emergency room, etc.), BeneVision N Series patient monitors will always provide the right solution for your clinical monitoring needs, with up-to-date data available anywhere on your mobile device;
  • With a superior transport solution, the N-series patient monitors provide a seamless workflow and secure data management throughout the entire patient follow-up period;
  • BeneVision patient monitors require less time to operate and display changes in patient data quickly;
  • With the HL7 standard, N-series patient monitors can be directly connected to a hospital network. The N15 provides multi-parameter monitoring both in the ward and during transport.


  • New generation of modular fixed display monitors;
  • 15.6" color touch TFT display;
  • Display of data received via DICOM3.0 and HL7 protocol;
  • A multi-window mode for displaying diagnostic information from monitor sensors and sensors of connected devices has been implemented;
  • HemoSight - advanced monitoring of the state of hemodynamics using information from connected sensors and devices;
  • SepsisSight - screening, diagnosis and treatment of sepsis;
  • BoA - Calculator to ensure optimal anesthesia;
  • ST Graphic - extended graphical representation of the ST segment;
  • GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale) - a scale for fixing the patient's consciousness;
  • EWS - early warning scale for emergency departments.
  • Control - Touch screen
  • Mains frequency, Hz - 50-60
  • Battery - built-in
  • Alarm system - Yes
  • Patient Record Histories - Graphic and Numerical
  • Non-invasive blood pressure measurement (NIBP) - Yes
  • Pulse oximetry - SPO2
  • Number of temperature channels - 2
  • Age group selection - Yes
  • Temperature measurements - Yes
  • RR measurements - Yes
  • ECG monitoring - yes
  • BP measurements - yes
  • Heart rate measurement - yes
  • SpO2 measurement - yes
  • Support for eGateway technology - Yes
  • Display Backlight Control - Yes
  • Screen diagonal (in inches) - 15

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