Монитор пациента MINDRAY BeneView T6



A patient monitor that allows you to track and calculate a comprehensive set of parameters for comprehensive patient monitoring, as well as being part of a hospital-wide monitoring system, receiving and displaying data from the hospital network and other bedside monitors.


  • Buttons with icons. Convenient on-screen buttons with intuitive icons.
  • Intelligent cooling system. The built-in fan automatically turns on at high loads. This allows the device to operate in normal mode absolutely silently.
  • Plenty of sockets for connecting auxiliary devices. Ability to connect an external keyboard, mouse, auxiliary display. Analog output and network connector.
  • Modular design. The modular "Plug-and-play" design allows the use of common modules for multiple monitors. This design allows you to connect up to 13 modules for one monitor, to obtain various configurations.
  • Slot for CF card storage. The card's 4 GB capacity allows for up to 120 hours of graphical and tabular trend recording and up to 48 hours of full view waveform recording per patient.
  • Built-in thermal printer. The built-in three-channel recorder records monitoring data in a convenient format.
  • Light indication of alarms on the monitor case. Separate light indication for technical and physiological alarms.
  • Navigation control knob. For convenient control of the mouse indicator in the graphical interface of the instrument.

Customizable GUI Modes:

  • Large font display mode. The main parameters are displayed in large font for the ability to see from afar.
  • Display mode 4 curves. Screen display mode 4 selected curves.
  • Display mode 6 curves. Screen display mode 6 selected curves.
  • Display mode 8 curves. Screen display mode 8 selected curves.
  • Full curve view mode. Up to 48 hours of full view trace recording.
  • Graphic trend. Up to 120 hours of graphical trend recording.
  • Oxycardiorespiratorogram trend (OxyCRG). Reflects rapid changes in lung and heart function.
  • PAWP measurement. Measurement of pulmonary artery wedge pressure (PAWP) to evaluate cardiac function.
  • View data from other monitors. View the status of other patients from anywhere. Patient telemetry data can also be viewed from any monitor.
  • Display: 15" (1024x768).
  • Touch screen (option).
  • Parameters: ECG, Mindray SpO2, NIBP, Resp, 2 Temp, 2 IBP.
  • ST-segment analysis, arrhythmias, pacemaker identification.
  • Options: 12 ECG leads, Nellcor OximaxTM - SpO2, Masimo SETTM -SpO2, up to 8 IBP channels, ETCO2 capnometry (sidestream, mainstream, Microstream), Multi-gas (CO2, O2, N2O, anesthetics), CO-cardiac output ( thermodilution), ICG-non-invasive impedance cardiography, RM/respiratory mechanics, BIS-bispectral EEG analysis, 3-channel thermal printer.
  • Accessories for adults, children and newborns.
  • 120 hours of graphical and digital trends across all parameters.
  • Drug dose calculator.
  • Connect to a wired or wireless network.
  • Synchronization with a defibrillator.

Key features

  • Large TFT color display with up to 12 waveforms (optional touch screen).
  • Up to 8 channels for measuring IBP.

Reliable data storage:

  • 120 hours of graphical and tabular trend records for all parameters;
  • 48 hours of waveform recording in full view mode;
  • 120-second fragments of wave curves;
  • 1000 NIBP data records;
  • 100 alarm records;
  • 100 arrhythmia alarm records.
  • Ability to connect to a cable or wireless local area network (Wi-Fi).
  • Confidential mode, night mode, cardiopulmonary bypass mode.
  • Transferring a configuration using a USB key.

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