Монитор пациента Mindray BeneView T5


BeneView T5

Patient monitor for effective monitoring of the patient's vital signs. It has wide functionality, unique features, 12.1” touch display, work in different display modes, quick access to functions, saving up to 8 curves, recognition of anesthetics.


This model of the patient monitor can be used as a bedside monitor in inpatient medical facilities and when a patient is hospitalized.
The BeneView T5 Mindray transport patient monitor is a versatile vital signs monitor with 13 measurement module slots that are compatible with WATO Mindray anesthesia machines.
The BeneView T5 Mindray has a wide range of capabilities, using state-of-the-art technologies for measuring respiration, impedance cardiography, CCO, SvO2, BISx / BISx4h, and more.
The device can be used on several systems at once.

Ability to store various data:

  • Up to 120 hours of storage of graphic and tabular data;
  • Up to 48 hours of curve storage;
  • Recording of 120-second fragments of wave curves;
  • Up to a thousand NIBP data records;
  • Up to one hundred arrhythmia alarm records;

Operating modes:

  • Confidential;
  • Night;
  • Cardiopulmonary bypass;
  • Ability to transfer configuration via USB;
  • Possibility of connection to the central station;
  • Ability to view another patient's data thanks to other patient monitors connected to the network;
  • Intelligent cooling system;
  • The presence of a calculator for calculating the doses of drugs;
  • The ability to print the received data (optionally using a thermal printer or a special built-in recorder);
  • configuration transfer via USB.
  • connection to the central station.
  • compatible with WATO Mindray anesthesia machines.
  • Ability to connect to a cable or wireless LAN.
  • color TFT display 12.1' (option: touch screen).
  • universal design with 13 slots for measurement modules.
  • depending on the needs, easy selection and setting of the appropriate parameter configuration.
  • advanced technologies for measuring respiration, impedance cardiography, BISx / BISx4h, CCO, SvO2, etc.
  • up to 8 IBP measurement channels.

secure data storage, including:

  • 120 hours of graphical and tabular trend records;
  • 48 hours of curve recording in full view mode;
  • 120-second fragments of wave curves;
  • 1,000 NIBP data records;
  • 100 alarm records;
  • 100 arrhythmia alarm records;


  • confidential
  • night
  • cardiopulmonary bypass mode

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