Монитор пациента GE Healthcare Carescape B850


GE Carescape B850

Bedside monitor for monitoring the patient's condition in severe and critical conditions. The universal device is able to work in combination with other devices to obtain complex data. There are additional features - printing data when connecting a thermal printer, combining the device with recording devices, additional screens. The monitor is universal in the field of age criteria - suitable for working with adults, children, as well as for the needs of neonatology. It is used in intensive care, operating rooms, post-operative care and rehabilitation departments.


  • Ability to display a large number of different health parameters - ECG, blood pressure, NO2, spirometry;
  • Multigas analysis;
  • Recognition of anesthetics;
  • Ability to use two different types of screen (15 inches on key control or 19 with touch sensitivity);
  • Wide viewing angle on both screens;
  • Easy adjustment of the necessary parameters individually for each patient;
  • Connecting additional devices via USB port;
  • Visual-light alarm.


  • Setting alarms according to requirements
  • Data transfer to HIS/EMR systems for faster patient care
  • Configurable Options
  • Possibility of additional installation of various modules
  • Intuitive interface

Areas of use

Operating and intensive care units

  • Anesthesia Carestation™ solution for integrating patient monitoring data, anesthetics administered, predictive drug modeling, perioperative imaging and EMR devices
  • Access to ECG studies that were collected from the preoperative period to the recovery period for the timely diagnosis of pathologies in cardiology.
  • Anesthesia Carestation™ solution for connecting with other devices and for sending data to the general medical system.
  • Extensive monitoring during surgery with information about spirometry and anesthesia used

Departments of cardiology and intensive care

  • EK-Pro is an arrhythmia monitoring system. The EK-Pro system uses 4 leads to detect atrial fibrillation and determine trends to provide the most accurate information.
  • Continuous monitoring of ST segments
  • Continuous monitoring of the QT complex to prevent torsades de pointes
  • 12SL Analysis
  • ACS mode for 12 SL analysis for the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome in patients with suspected ischemia and acute infarction
  • Ability to view and analyze patient data for up to 72 hours
  • Technologies for analyzing and monitoring metabolism and gas exchange to improve the functioning of the respiratory system
  • PiCCO technology - less invasive hemodynamic monitoring to control infusion therapy, assess the level of dehydration of the body, analyze cardiac contractility, determine pulmonary edema

Department of resuscitation and intensive care of newborns

  • NICU software allows you to quickly change the system configuration depending on the patient's condition
  • Alarm management
  • DINAMAP* NIBP Algorithm for monitoring the physical characteristics of preterm infants
  • Analysis of trends in oxygen cardiorespirogram at intervals of 2 seconds to assess each heartbeat in bradycardia and apnea.
  • Power consumption - 55 W
  • Control - Touch screen
  • Power supply frequency, Hz 50-60
  • Device class - Medium
  • Built-in battery
  • Connectors - USB
  • Alarm system - Sound, light
  • Trends - 72 hours
  • Electrocardiography (ECG) - ECG 12 leads
  • Device weight - 7.5 kg
  • Age group selection Yes
  • RR measurements - Yes
  • ECG monitoring - yes
  • BP measurements - Yes
  • Signal volume setting - Yes
  • Presence of audiovisual alarms - Yes
  • Heart rate measurement - yes
  • SpO2 measurement - Yes
  • Support for eGateway technology - Yes
  • Support for HL7 protocol - Yes
  • Visual alarm indicators Yes
  • Screen TFT LCD display
  • Dimensions, mm 401x430x102
  • Screen diagonal (in inches) - 19
  • Waterproof class IPX1
  • Temperature regime during operation - 0°C - 40°C
  • Operating Relative Humidity - 0% - 90%

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