Монитор пациента GE Healthcare Carescape B650


GE Carescape B650

A patient monitor with a wide range of functions, which allows not only to qualitatively monitor the patient's vital signs, but also to access complex data obtained as a result of observation at any time. The device was developed using modern technologies and innovative solutions for use in resuscitation, in intensive care units, operating rooms, and rehabilitation departments. It is possible to use the device for both adults and children. A large set of displayed data allows you to get a complete clinical picture. Allows you to manage the flow of patients, providing reliable medical information as needed. The intuitive design makes it easy for professionals of all skill levels to learn how to use the monitor, while the upgradeability protects your long-term investment in the system. The CARESCAPE B650 monitor software, specifically designed for specific departments, can be used to help adults, children and newborns.


  • Compliance with all accepted operating room requirements;
  • The combination of all the functions necessary for the provision of quality medical care;
  • Ability to calculate drug dosages;
  • The ability to obtain all the necessary data, including from other devices connected to the device;
  • Simple clear control;
  • Ergonomic design makes it possible to work in confined spaces;
  • Special alarms;
  • The software is easily updated.


  • The key features and achievements of Marquette® Electronics and Datex-Ohmeda® are combined into one platform.
  • Additional parameter control modules allow you to monitor a wide range of indicators.
  • Innovative algorithms that support accurate diagnosis include the GE EK-Pro arrhythmia detection algorithm, the DINAMAP® signal processing algorithm for non-invasive blood pressure monitoring, and the 12-lead 12 SL™ ECG interpretation algorithm with two-way communication with the MUSE® Cardiology Information System.
  • Modern modules for complex respiratory monitoring, including control of gas exchange indicators.
  • Control of parameters that help assess the adequacy of anesthesia in the operating room and the patient's readiness to cancel mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit.
  • Network compatibility with the CARESCAPE® Gateway system provides communication with the electronic medical record (EMR) system using the standard HL7 protocol.


  • The Pages & Profiles feature enhances workflow flexibility and efficiency by allowing you to customize your monitor to meet your departmental and patient needs.
  • Customization of the appearance of the interface, from 8 to 14 curves with the ability to overlay and paste.
  • Automatic translation of high priority alarms to the department using the Auto View on Alarm (AVOA) function.
  • USB connectors for keyboard, mouse, barcode scanners and other input devices.
  • Operation using the Trim Knob® and function keys or touch screen provides quick access to key functions.
  • Specialized software for optimizing workflows in operating rooms, recovery rooms, emergency and intensive care units for adults, children and neonates.
  • With its compact design and swivel frame, the monitor can be used in a wide range of environments. User setting of control modules of various groups of parameters and other menu items.
  • Display - 15 inches
  • Type - TFT color LCD display
  • Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels (XGA)
  • Number of curves 8 to 14 individual curves with overlay and insertion options
  • Sweep rate 0.625; 6.25; 12.5; 25.50mm/s
  • Configuration Automatic configuration according to availability
  • parameters.
  • Manual configuration of up to 8 profiles depending on
  • from the application area and up to 6 operator-configurable
  • nit screen for each profile
  • Monitor Type - Modular
  • Capnometry (CO2), Invasive BP, Cardiac output, Multigas
  • Device class - High

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