Монитор пациента GE Healthcare Carescape B450


GE Healthcare Carescape B450 Patient Monitor

Monitor with interface for connecting additional modules. The device can act both as a bedside device and for moving patients between departments of a medical institution. It is possible to connect an additional screen, which can be either independent or additional. Easily connects to the public network. Due to the presence of disturbing sound signals, the device allows better monitoring of the patient's condition. Its wireless communication capabilities and portable design meet all the essential needs of critically ill patients during intrahospital transport and help you continuously monitor the patient's condition at virtually any location and at every stage. In combined mode of operation, the CARESCAPE B450 patient monitor enables early telemetry-controlled patient mobilization and facilitates patient transition from intensive care units to general somatic units. The CARESCAPE B450 Patient Monitor is an essential component of a modular platform of monitoring solutions that work collaboratively across hospital departments to ensure data integrity, data retention, workflow efficiency and superior patient care. Developed by physicians for physicians, CARESCAPE is designed to reduce learning time with an intuitive user interface powered by Linux software. The clinical advantage of the CARESCAPE B450 patient monitor is achieved through the combination of a multi-parameter module and an additional slot for installing a specialized module for specific monitoring needs. Easily access your electronic medical records (EMR), lab, MUSE* cardiology information system, or other sources to support fully informed decisions and workflows at every step of patient care. Adjustable alarm settings can be tailored to the needs of your department, helping to reduce the burden of "alarms" and maintain a calm environment for the patient.


  • Allows a wide range of parameters through compatibility with CARESCAPE Patient Data Module (PDM) and Patient Side Module (E-PSM) multi-parameter modules, as well as additional dedicated E-modules
  • Innovative algorithms for accurate diagnosis include sidestream CO2 measurement, 12SL* ECG analysis algorithm with direct two-way communication with MUSE* system, DINAMAP* SuperSTAT NIBP, Entropy*, BIS** and your choice of GE TruTrak+ *, Masimo SET** or Nellcor** OxiMax** SpO2


  • Designed specifically for intrahospital patient transport, with the ability to connect and disconnect GE E-PSM(P) or PDM multi-parameter modules
  • Designed to be highly configurable to meet the needs of emergency medicine, with 'profiles' and 'pages' configurable to improve workflow efficiency and allow the monitor to be customized to ward or patient standards
  • The alarm function allows you to view other beds remotely (auto view on alarm), quickly adjust all parameter limits, define parameter limits, prevent specific alarms from being turned off and adjust settings according to changing patient conditions, helps optimize workflow and “load” anxieties
  • Software and dedicated settings for the operating room, wake-up room, intensive care unit, emergency room, and neonatal intensive care unit make it easy to customize the monitor to suit your work
  • Remote service via InSite* ExC provides updates and preventive maintenance to increase your maintenance capability

Data and integration

  • Provides continuous measurement of hemodynamic parameters during intrahospital transport as well as trending CARESCAPE Patient Data Modules (PDMs)
  • The possibility of wireless connection using the Gateway server provides data exchange with EMR systems using the standard HL7 protocol
  • Facilitates workflow and increases patient mobility with telemetry and combined monitoring capabilities
  • Provides peer-to-peer network connectivity that allows monitors to send and receive information from other GE CARESCAPE monitors
  • Supports network communication with other GE Healthcare products, including the CIC Pro Clinical Information Center, iCentral System for centralized management of processing, printing and storage of information from bedside monitors based on an information computer network, MUSE* ECG database, Unity Net
  • Made in USA
  • Power supply frequency, Hz 50-60
  • Battery - built-in
  • Connectors - RJ45, DVI output
  • Transport - Carry handle
  • Alarm system - Sound, visual
  • Trends - Graphic and wave, up to 72 hours
  • Electrocardiography (ECG) - ECG 12 leads
  • Non-invasive blood pressure measurement (NIBP) - Yes
  • Device weight - 5 kg
  • Age group selection - Yes
  • RR measurements - Yes
  • ECG monitoring - yes
  • BP measurements - yes
  • Battery life - 2 hours
  • Heart rate measurement - Yes
  • SpO2 measurement - yes
  • Screen - TFT
  • Dimensions, mm 290x300x160
  • Screen diagonal (in inches) - 12.1

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